Zorro Costume

Zorro is a fictional character that appeared in an American magazine called “All-Story Weekly”. Created by Johnston McCulley in the late 1910’s, Zorro is a masked crusader who helps those in need and delivers punishment to those who oppress the helpless. The story of Zorro takes place in Los Angeles during the Mexican rule in the 1800’s. Zorro has seen many adaptations including a musical and many films including the most recent titled “The legend of Zorro” starring Antonio Banderas.

The Zorro costume has seen some updates through the most recent iterations, but the main look of the costume want changed. I will include all the items needed to put this Zorro costume together below along with informative descriptions.


Custom made zorro costume


Custom made zorro costume zorro costume Zorro Costume Custom made zorro costume

Custom made zorro costume

For the Zorro costume, I went with a version I found on Etsy. This zorro costume includes the red cape, leather mask, vinyl pouch, pants, black satin shirt and the fencing sword. The black fedora is sold separately which I will link below. The Zorro costume itself is fantastic, you can tell it’s made from high-quality fabrics. A very comfortable costume. Normally I would consider this to be an expensive hand made costume but since it includes a lot of the accessories, I think it’s worth it. Overall a very well made Zorro costume that I recommend highly.

Black Fedora

Black Fedora zorro costume Zorro Costume Black Fedora

Black Fedora

Like I said above, the costume doesn’t include the black fedora, so we are going to but that separately. I found this on Etsy. This is a teardrop style hat made from wool felt and leather. There are four sizes available so make sure you order the correct size. An expensive hat but you are getting your money’s worth in my opinion. So comfortable on the head, even after long uses. The quality is second to none. I would go as far as to say it’s the best hat I’ve ever owned. Because of the price I will include a cheaper alternative as this might be out of most people’s price range which is totally understandable.

Cheaper black Fedora

 Mexican boots

Mexican boots zorro costume Zorro Costume Mexican boots

Mexican boots

For the boots, I went with a pair of Mexican boots, I found this on Ebay. I choose Mexican boots because of the huge Mexican influence on Los Angeles at the time.  These are a great pair of boots that really complement the Zorro costume.