Yoda Costume

Yoda is a fictional character from the star wars universe produced my Lucasfilm. Created by George Lucas, Yoda is one of the oldest and greatest Jedi Master with the star wars universe. Yoda past is shrouded in mystery, something George Lucas opted for. Yoda as spent over 800 years training Jedi. Yoda played a major part in training Luke Skywalker to defeat the malevolent Galactic Empire. During the 800 years, Yoda has trained many of what are now known as some of the best Jedi Master. Yoda may be small, but he is incredibly lethal with the lightsaber.

The Yoda costume hasn’t changed much since its first iteration in the early 1980’s. The main piece of clothing for this costume has to be the Yoda robe. I will include links for the best Yoda costume below as when searching for this costume I found that a lot of them were very VERY bad quality. For more Star Wars costumes, you can find them here!

Yoda costume for adults

For the Yoda costume, I went with a version I found on Amazon. The costume is made from polyester and feels pretty good. For the price of this costume, i was expecting the mask to be completely awful but it was wasn’t I would have liked it to cover my chin and neck but other than that it was fairly comfortable. As for the length, I would have anyone above 5’11 this Yoda costume will too short so you might want to look elsewhere.

Yoda lightsaber

For the lightsaber, I choose a version I found on amazon. This is made from plastic and comes in at around a foot in a half in length. It does emit sound effects you would associate with a lightsaber such as the fire up, swinging and hitting sounds. The overall build quality is good and has some nice weight to it.I must admit I did act like a big child when I got this. 🙂

Black boots

For the boots, I went with black boots that go above the ankle. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to black boots as they are fairly common.


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