Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman is a superhero character from the dc universe.Created by Willian Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman has a wide range of superhuman abilities that include superhuman strength agility and the ability to fly. Wonder Woman also uses a number of weapons including the infamous lasso of truth that can force anyone struck by it to tell the truth.

The wonder woman costume hasn’t changed much over the last decade until the 2016 release of batman vs superman which features, based off the photo released, a new iteration of the costume. I will add this new version either here or in a new article when it releases. In this article, I will be focusing on the older versions of the wonder woman costume.



Wonder Woman Costume

For the wonder woman costume, I found a very affordable version on amazon. I didn’t purchase this costume, but I did do a lot of research and I found that this wonder woman outfit was the best available for an affordable price. From what I gathered from the reviews on amazon, the costumes quality is very good. According to the description, it is made up of polyester. The people leaving reviews have also added pictures. I have left the link below for you to check out. This wonder woman cosplay does not include the boots, but I have linked a pair below as well.


Premium Wonder Woman Costume

Premium wonder woman costume wonder woman costume Wonder Woman Costume Premium wonder woman costume 252x300

Premium wonder woman costume

For the premium wonder woman costumes, I acquired a custom made version on Etsy. This is a very well made costume and so it should be for the price. A lot of work has gone into making this costume and you can tell this by the detail work on every piece of clothing. If you are willing to spend the money I would without a doubt recommend this wonder woman costume.


Wonder Woman Replica Boots

Wonder woman replica boots wonder woman costume Wonder Woman Costume Wonder woman replica boots

Wonder woman replica boots

Since the first wonder woman outfit doesn’t include the boots, I found an alternative on Etsy for a great price. These are bootleg shoe covers that look fantastic. I read some of the reviews and  they are all 5 stars and they are right. I would defiantly recommend these.

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