Winter Soldier Costume

Winter Soldier is a fictional character that appears in the Marvel universe. Developed by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting in 2005. Bucky was resurrected from presumed death and returned as a brainwashed assassin, Winter Soldier. In the comics, he even assumed the role of Captain America, when everyone thought Steve Rogers was dead. The Winter Solder is a programmed Soviet assassin sent on covert missions that involved ruthless killings. The Winter soldier appears in the most recent iterations of the Captain America film franchise including the upcoming civil war film.

The Winter Soldier costume consists of a black tactical vest with black tactical pants. He also has a metal arm with a red star on the shoulder. I will leave links to all the products used to complete this costume, followed by descriptions that provide information on the products quality.


Long black wig

For the wig, I found one on amazon. The wig is made from high temperate fibers. It doesn’t state the max temperature is, though. The wigs cap is completely hidden and can be adjusted to a seamless fit. There is only one hair length available but the length is perfect for the Winter Soldier costume.

Black tactical vest 

The black tactical vest, I found on amazon. The vest features a molle webbing across the entire vest. Molle is a network of thin webbing stitched at regular intervals. These networks allow pouches and other gear to be attached to the network. This allows the pouches to either be removed or moved to another location on the vest. Other features include belts for a pistol holster and a heavy duty zipper to close the vest. There is Winter Soldier costume vest for sale but they are quite expensive.

Black jacket

The vest has some exposed areas that will need to be covered to preserve the look of the Winter Soldier costume. The black jacket I found was of Dickies. It is made of both polyester and cotton. The jacket can be machined watch is which nice. They have a good selection of sizes to choose from as well.  It odes have a small Dickies logo on the front of the jacket but this will be covered by the tactical vest.

Black combat pants/ black jeans 

For the pants, you can go for either a black pair of jeans or combat pants, it’s entirely up to you but I will say that if you already own a pair of black jeans, I would suggest you go with them and save your money. The jeans should work just fine. If you don’t have a pair of jeans then I would suggest you go with a pair of levis. They are a good pair of jeans that you can easily wear as casual after your finished with the Winter Soldier costume.

Winter Soldier costume silver sleeve

Winter Soldier costume silver sleeve Winter Soldier Costume Winter Soldier Costume Winter Solider costume silver sleeve

Winter Soldier costume silver sleeve

The winter soldier sleeve, I found on amazon.  The sleeve is made from plastic with the red star logo being metal. There are two options available one is the painted silver version and the other is the DIY version that can be painted. This is an adult version as well. They also have the mask as well but the reviews are not positive.

Winter Soldier gloves

These gloves are being advertised as winter soldier gloves. They are made from pleather. They only have one sizing option. I am assuming these are adult gloves but there is no mention of that on the page.

Black tactical knife and sheath

One of Winter soldiers weapons is a tactical knife. I found one on amazon. The blade is made from 440c steel with an overall length of 8.26”. The sheath is made from ABS. its ideal for leg and arm placement. The reviews are very favorable and the knife comes in at a very affordable price.

Black tactical belt 

For the belt, I found a tactical heavy-duty law enforcement belt.  It has mag pouches and an attachment for a pistol holster.  it can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of waistlines. The belt will not loop through the belt loops on pants. It’s a very thick rugged belt.

Black boots

To finish off the Winter Soldier costume are the black boots. Went with a tactical military boot as it fits the look of the Winter Soldier costume. It is comprised of leather and a rubber sole. I bought these about 5 months ago for some construction work I needed to do around the house and I must say they’ve held up better than I could have expected. Small signs of wear and tear but that’s expected. I love this boots and I would recommend this boots to anyone.