Waluigi Cosplay

Waluigi is a fictional character that resides in the Mario universe. Created by Shigeru Miyamoto in 2000. Waluigi makes his first appearance in Mario tennis. With character review well almost fans he appears in several other Mario franchises including Mario golf and Super Smash Bros. Waluigi is Luigi’s nemesis. Just like Wario is a stark contrast to Mario, the same can be said for Waluigi being much taller and Skinner than Luigi.

The Waluigi cosplay has pretty much stayed the same since his incarnation. I will add links below to the products used to complete this costume along with informative descriptions on the items as well.


Waluigi cosplay hat

Waluigi cosplay hat Waluigi Cosplay Waluigi Cosplay Waluigi costume hat

Waluigi costume hat

The Waluigi hat, I found on amazon.  It is a purple Waluigi style hat. This is not an officially licensed hat. It doesn’t say what the hat is made from but if I was to venture a guess I would say its a mixture of polyester and spandex another type of elastic material. It has the Waluigi logo on the front, that is embroidered.

Navy overalls

The overalls, I found on amazon. I went for Berne’s overalls in a navy colour. The overall are stated as being made from “other fibres” which is very vague, most likely it’s probably made from polyester. it has two pockets located on the front, two on the rear as well. The overall consensus on these is positive.

Purple long sleeve t-shirt

The purple shirt Waluigi wears underneath the overalls, I found on amazon. the shirt is long sleeve to match the Waluigi cosplay and is comprised of polyester. Lots of sizes to choose from and they are true to measurements as well. They also state that it is odor resistant and features a stain release material. Although this is advertised as a men’s t-shirt I’ve seen some reviews from women and they seem fairly positive.

White Nintendo gloves

I had picked out a pair of plain white gloves but soon after I came across some Nintendo Super Mario gloves and thought they would be a perfect fit for this Waluigi cosplay.  These are an officially licensed product according to the sellers page. There is only one size available and it is suited for men with medium to large hands. They wrinkle quite easy and don’t look as smooth as they do in the advertised photo.

Fake moustache 

Fake moustache Waluigi Cosplay Waluigi Cosplay Fake moustache

Fake moustache

I was not happy with the moustaches that were available on amazon so I went to Etsy. The ones I picked are for Wario and Waluigi cosplay. There are two types of materials you can choose from, the adhesive felt or foam. The seller has an extremely positive feedback score with many 5 stars for this product particularly.

Orange shoes

The last item on the list are the Waluigi shoes. He is usually seen wearing a bright orange pair of shoes. I picked out something that was both comfortable and would work well with the costume. The Pumas has loads of sizes to choose from and are true to size as well. The feedback on these are very positive with many people have with their purchase.