Walter Sobchak Costume

Walter Sobchak is a fictional character that appears in the crime comedy “The Big Lebowski”. Created by Ethan and Joel Coen in 1998, Walter Sobchak otherwise known as the dude is a Vietnam veteran who is traumatised by what he endured during the war, he finds solace in bowling, to which he is quite good at. To compound his mystery, he is attacked as a result of mistaken identity. He learns of the attackers intended target, a millionaire named Jeff Lebowski. The attackers botched assault results in them kidnapping the millionaire’s wife. Jeff Lebowski hires Walter Sobchak to deliver the ransom to the attackers in enchase for the release of his wife. The deal goes wrong when Walter Sobchak’s friend decides to keep the money for himself.  The Big Lebowski was a resounding success with both the critics and the audience, to this day The Big Lebowski has garnered a massive cult following.

The Walter Sobchak costume, there are many different costumes Walter Sobchak wears in the film but for this article, we  will just focus on the one. I will leave links underneath to all the products used to bring this costume together along with information on the products quality as well.



Walter Sobchak costume glasses

Walter Sobchak costume glassess Walter Sobchak Costume Walter Sobchak Costume Walter Sobchak costume glassess

Walter Sobchak costume glasses

The Walter Sobchak glasses, I found on amazon. He uses a pair of gold metal aviators with a brown lens colour. The glasses are made from a metal frame and are polarised for reduced glare and unwanted reflections. The lens themselves are made from polycarbonate. The glasses come with a protective case as well that is very sturdy.

Walter Sobchak shirt

The Walter Sobchak shirt he wears is a plain brown shirt. I found one on amazon that fits the Walter Sobchak costume perfectly. The shirt is a Dickies branded shirt, a brand I’m very familiar with as I have bought many Dickies clothing before and have never been disappointed by them.  It is polyester/ cotton blended shirt with two pockets on the front of the shirt. It can be cache washed and it is not wrinkle free. There is a Dickies logo located at the bottom front section of the shirt.

Kaki air vest

Walter Sobchak wears a vest over the shirt as well. The colour of the vest is known as kaki. The vest is called a traveler air vest and it features numerous pockets located on the form of it. It has a ventilated mesh section at the back to allow air to pass freely hence the name air vest. It is not waterproof but does offer some water resistants up to a certain point.

Green cargo short pants 

For the shorts, I found them on amazon.  They are a Carhartt cargo shorts that are made completely from cotton. They have a simple button closure. They can be machine washed and are not wrinkle free.  They have a good selection of sizes to choose from and are, for the most part, sure to size. They have two large buttons closed pockets on either side as well.

Casio watch

The watch choose for the Walter Sobchak costume was a Casio branded watch. The case is made from resin, it does not state what the strap is made from, though.  This a water resistant watch that features a 60-second outer ring. Its analog display has both 12/24h timekeeping. it’s a very affordable watch with a sporty look to it.

Black boots

The final item for the Walter Sobchak costume is the black boots. The boots I chose was a Steve Madden-branded black boot. The boot is made from leather with the sole comprised of a synthetic material. They have an ample selection of sizes but they are not true, they run a size small according to the reviews.