TF2 Scout Cosplay

Scout is a video game character that appears in the video game “Team Fortress 2”. Developed by Valve in 2007, Scout is one of many playable characters in the game. The Scout is an avid baseball fan and street runner from Boston. He is known for being a fast and nimble character. His weapon of choice is a scattergun, otherwise known as a sawed-off shotgun and a pistol. He also carried a baseball bat as well. His traits include double jump. He has the lowest health value of all the playable characters.

The TF2 Scout cosplay we will be focusing on will be his red t-shirt outfit, he does have another costume but the only differences are the colour of the t-shirt.  I will leave links to all the items needed for the costume underneath along with information on the items quality as well.

Black cap

The scout black cap, I found on amazon. A very affordable black cap. They don’t tell us what it’s made from but I can only assume its polyester and an assortment of plastics. With the adjustment on the back, I can see this fitting most adults sized heads. The colour, the materials all seem very good for the price. Overall I’m very pleased with the hat, perfect for the TF2 Scout cosplay.

Scout headset 

For the scout headset, I got on amazon. I first looked a single-sided headset but they are very expensive. I decided instead to make my own. I didn’t really have a guide to follow but I did use an image I found. I will leave it below. I only had to buy one pair of headphones as I already had an old cheap headset lying around. Just use the picture as a guide and you should be fine.

Red t-shirt

The red shirt, I found on amazon. The red shirt is made from cotton. The sizing is good so I would suggest you order you’re normal sizing. I’m pretty happy with what I bought, considering I paid less than $10 for it. The colour didn’t bleed when I washed it, which is a common problem with the cheap shirt. Overall A good shirt for the TF2 Scout cosplay.

Baseball bat

The TF2 Scout cosplay I got on Amazon. I don’t know much about baseball bats so I picked the cheapest with the highest review rating and I was only using this for the costume. I have to say I was pretty impressed with the quality, it has some nice weight to it. I also like it because it has not designed or print on it for the most part as a lot the bats I saw were multi coloured with branding all over the bat. Overall a good baseball bat for the Negan costume. I cannot comment on the quality of the bat for baseball ball as I used it purely as a prop.


Scout cosplay messenger bag

TF2 Scout cosplay messenger bag TF2 Scout Cosplay TF2 Scout Cosplay Scout cosplay messenger bag

TF2 Scout cosplay messenger bag

The messenger bag, I got on amazon. This was perfect for the costume, but my only gripe with it is the capacity, in that there is none. You can store your wallet and keys and an iPad but that’s probably it, just small items. The quality of the bag is excellent, lightweight and suits the scout costume but I wanted to use this after the costume but the capacity is too low. Great bag, though.

Grey pants 

The grey pants I got on amazon. The pants are made from mainly cotton with an assortment of other materials as well.  The sizing was good, had no problems with what I ordered. I wanted a slim fit and I got it. They are comfortable to wear, my only criticism would be the pockets as I found them to be quite small. Overall great pants that work well with the TF2 Scout cosplay.

White socks

The white socks, I found on amazon. I didn’t buy this specific pair of socks but I have bought a similar pair a few months back, they were Adidas, and they were brilliant, very comfortable had no issues with them. Judging by the reviews for this, it seems that they are a quality pair of socks.

Black shoes

The final piece to the TF2 Scout cosplay are the shoes. For these, I went for a pair of Adidas because of the white stripe they always have on their products, which make them a perfect fit for this costume. I did find a pair in all black but they were over $100 and I don’t have the funds for them and I also wanted a pair of shoes that I could also use for the summer. I have to say these are a fantastic pair of shoes, well worth the money. They are very well made. Overall I would highly recommend these to anyone.