Supergirl Costume

Supergirl is a superheroine character from the dc universe. Created by Otto Binder, Al Plastino and Curt Swan in the late 1950’s supergirl has been portrayed by many different characters that include Matrix and Kara-Zori El. Supergirl possesses many similar abilities to that of superman which including superhuman strength speed and the ability to fly. Supergirl had been killed off several times as the editors believed the superman characters history has become difficult to follow. The however super girl was a reboot that includes that new TV series that debuted in late 2015.

The supergirl costume we are going to put together will be from the new supergirl tv show by CBS. The Supergirl cosplay is quite popular so you will likely not have any trouble finding one, however because of this popularity, a lot of the costume for sale will most likely be poor quality just to make a few bucks. I will leave a link below to one I found that is both extremely affordable and has positive reviews.


Supergirl Costume Breakdown

  1. Full supergirl costume adults

Full Supergirl Costume For Adults

Full Supergirl Costume For Adults supergirl costume Supergirl Costume Full Supergirl Costume For Adults

Full Supergirl Costume For Adults

For the supergirl costume, I wanted to find one similar to the tv series that launched in 2015 but after searching online for a long time, I couldn’t find one. I settled for one I found on amazon as it as gotten positive review and is very affordable. The gold belt is detachable and I personally prefer the supergirl outfit without the belt.


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