Steve Urkel Costume

Steve Urkel is a fictional character that appears in the sitcom “Family Matters”. Created by William Bickley and Thomas L. Miller in 1989, Steve Urkel was a bit of a geek within the show, he is often the at the center of mischievous pranks and even injuries himself too often down his clumsiness. He was only meant to appear once on the show but due to his popularity he remained. As the seasons ran by, he quickly became the show’s most popular character. The show ran for a total of 9 seasons totaling over 215 episodes. The has won several awards as well.

The Steve Urkel costume will include the big glasses, the suspenders, and striped t-shirt. I will place links underneath to all the items used to bring this costume to life followed by some information on the products as well.

Steve Urkel costume oversized glasses

Steve Urkel costume oversized glasses Steve Urkel Costume Steve Urkel Costume Steve Urkel costume oversized glasses  300x231

Steve Urkel costume oversized glasses

The Steve Urkel costume glasses are available on Amazon. They are very affordable and have very positive reviews. They have a plastic frame and lens and are non-polarized. They have UVA & UVB protection. Many who bought these for a costume now wear them almost every day. This speaks volumes to the quality of them.

Striped t-shirt

The stripped t-shirt can be found on amazon. The t-shirt is made from a combination of polyester and cotton. There are a lot of sizes available but it is worth mentioning that they run small so order a size or two up from what you normally wear.

Steve Urkel costume red suspenders

Steve Urkel costume red suspenders are available on Amazon. They are a Dickies branded product, which always receives high reviews on its products. It has four clasps to ensure it stay firmly secure. It has two adjustable buckles. and has an x-back to ensure it has upright and does slip off.


The jeans I found on amazon. These jeans are made by a reputable brand in Levis. They are positively received by the customers. The size range is quite broad which is very good.  The jeans are dark stonewash. They are made from cotton with a zipper closure.


The last piece of the Steve Urkel costume are the shoes. These are made by hush puppies and are lug Oxford. The color according to the listing is taupe with rubber sole and suede for the upper section of the shoe.