Steve Irwin Costume

Steve Irwin was a wildlife expert, most commonly known as the Crocodile Hunter. Steve spend most of his time exploring the wonders of the Australian wildlife had to offer. He is known worldwide due to the success of his tv series titled The Crocodile Hunter, which he hosted beside his wife Terri. On the 4th of September 2006, Steve was out filming a documentary pertaining the deadly creatures of the oceans when he was struck in the chest by a stingray. Steve was known for his love and respect for animals and has been honoured across Australia and the world for his remarkable courage and dedication to wildlife conservation.

The Steve Irwin costume we will be putting together will be based around the iconic khaki shirt and shorts that steve always wore. I will put links below to all the items used to construct this costume along with a description on the quality of the items as well.


Steve Irwin costume beige shirt

For the Steve Irwin shirt, I found on amazon.I couldn’t find the exact colour tone of Steve’s shirt but the shirt I’ve found is pretty close and did the job. It has that safari look to it which I like. It is made from cotton. It did not shrink when washed and the colours didn’t fade either. I wore this on a fairly warm day and I didn’t feel hot with it on. Overall a perfect shirt for the Steve Irwin costume that is great quality, very happy with what I bought.

Steve Irwin beige cargo shorts

For the Steve Irwin shorts, I got a beige pair on amazon. They are made from cotton and are a loose fit. They have two deep side pockets that are fairly deep, enough to fit my Samsung s7 edge. I didn’t use the belt supplied as I wasn’t too keen on it. They are good quality and seem well made. I would recommend these shorts for the Steve Irwin costume.

Steve Irwin Wig 

Steve Irwin costume Wig steve irwin costume Steve Irwin Costume Steve Irwin Wig 234x300

Steve Irwin costume Wig

The Steve Irwin style wig, I found on Etsy. It took me a while to find a Steve Irwin style wig but I eventually managed to find one on Etsy. The wig is known as Kristoff wig that is professionally cut and styled to your liking. When you message the seller, let them know what you intend to use the wig for as they will match it according to your specifications. As for the wig itself, It is probably the best wig I’ve ever used, the quality is amazing. The files fibres feel and look like real hair which is great. Overall I highly recommend this product. Looks great with the Steve Irwin costume.

 Black socks

The black socks, I got on amazon. I’m sure you have a pair lying around the house so you don’t need to buy these but I did because I needed new socks anyway. I got a pack that included six pairs. I normally go for cotton socks as they are the most breathable.

Hiking boots

To put the finishing touches the Steve Irwin costume, we need a pair of boots, for this, I went with a pair of hiking boots I got on amazon. I needed a new pair of rugged boots as I often walk along trails, so I wanted a good pair of boots that would last and not for a once off costume. Timberland is a brand I have bought on numerous occasions and I was happy with the quality of their boots and these were no different. I’ve used them for about four months now and they show no signs of wear and tear. I highly recommend these boots.