Star Lord Cosplay

Star Lord is a fictional character that resides in the Marvel universe. Created by Steve Englehart and Steve Gan in 1976, Star Lord who’s real name is Peter Quill. He is a half human who was taken by Ravagers,  a band of thieves from space who pirate, pillage their way across the galaxy. Growing up with the Ravagers, he became a legendary outlaw known as Star Lord, eventually forming and leading the Guardians of the Galaxy, a group of outlaws that save Xander from obliteration by Ronan the Accuser. The 2014 Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy was received well among critics and the audience.

For the Star Lord cosplay, I will be focusing on the costume worn by Chris Pratt in the 2014 film. I will leave links to all the products used to complete this costume along with information on the products quality as well.


Star lord red leather jacket

For the Star Lord cosplay red leather jacket, I found on amazon. The jacket is made from PU leather and has an ample selection of sizes to choose from. The interior is comprised of polyester. The jacket is great, very good for the price. The sizing was accurate so order your normal size. Overall I’m very happy with this jacket, perfect for the Star Lord Cosplay.

Grey t-shirt

The grey shirt I got on amazon. The grey t-shirt is made from both cotton and polyester. I found it to be a little heavier than my other t-shirts but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it is something you should know before buying. The t-shirt is amazing quality and it is totally worth the price. I’ve bought t-shirts double the price of this and they weren’t half as good. I highly recommend this t-shirt. Going to order a few more colours.

Star lord Quad

The star Lord Quad, I found on amazon. This is a must for the Star Lord cosplay. I wasn’t really expecting much from this as it is advertised for children but I have to say, it’s fantastic. It’s definitely adult sized. It well made and worth the price if you ask me. My only gripe is the colour. I saw a picture of a guy who painted his in the reviews so I followed his and it turned out pretty good.

Star Lord Cosplay Belt

Star lord cosplay belt star lord cosplay Star Lord Cosplay Star lord cosplay belt

Star lord cosplay belt

The Star Lord belt, I  found on amazon. The belt is not made from real leather but from PU leather. First off I don’t think the images on the seller page do this belt justice. It images make it look quite cheap when in fact it is not. I was very surprised with how well this star lord belt was made. feels very comfortable to wear. my only issue is the sizing, I ordered a medium and was too big (I have a 32” waist) so I had to make my own pinhole, which was very easy to do. The medium size would cover 34”- 38 waist’s, anything waist under 34 you will have to make a pinhole for it. Overall I  think this is a fantastic Star Lord bet and would defiantly recommend this to anyone a must for the Star Lord cosplay.

Star Lord Gloves

The Star Lord gloves, I got on amazon. The glove is comprised of various materials that include spandex and polyester. These were terrible, the sizing was completely off. The stitching work is very bad, I would suggest you avoid this. I not going to link these in the list above but I will include a link here so that you know which one to avoid. I’ll keep looking for a good pair of gloves and add it above with an update marked next to it.

***Update*** I bought a new pair of gloves, need to use them a bit more before I recommend them but so far they seem very good, a lot better than the previous pair that’s for sure.

Black combat pants

The black combat pants, I got on amazon. The pants are made of polyester and cotton with stain and fade resistance treatment applied as well. This was a clean pair of combat pants, that are well made with good sized pockets. I think you are getting a great pair of combat pants for the price. Overall I would defiantly recommend this, great for the Star Lord cosplay.

Black Boots

The last item needs to finish off the Star Lord cosplay are the black boots. Went with a tactical military boot because I had this already and I tried them on with the costume and they worked perfectly. It is comprised of leather and a rubber sole. I bought these about 5 months ago for some construction work I needed to do around the house and I must say they’ve held up better than I could have expected. Small signs of wear and tear but that’s expected. I love this boots and I would recommend this boots to anyone, perfect for the Star Lord cosplay.