Speed Racer Costume

Speed Racer is a Japanese animated series. Created by Tatsuo Yoshida in 1966, the series centred around an 18-year-old, who life revolved around automobile racing. Along with is love for racing, his values, and love for his family remain a strong point in the series, integrating his family into various positions in the racing scene. The series was very popular, it ran for a total of two years with two volumes released. It has seen many adoptions including an English animated version and a feature film starring Emile Hirsch in 2008.

For the Speed Racer costume, we are going to focus on the original animated series. I will leave links underneath to all the items used to bring this costume together along with some descriptions of the products used as well.

Speed Racer costume Blue t-shirt

Speed Racer costume blue t-shirt Speed Racer Costume Speed Racer Costume Speed Racer costume blue t shirt

Speed Racer costume blue t-shirt

The blue shirt he wears was quite difficult to track down, but I managed to find one quite similar to what he wears. The shirt is a ruby style, it seems to be the only style of shirt that has a white collar. It is made from ringspun cotton. The sizing is an issue as well. If you can find an alternative I would suggest you go with that in my opinion.

Letter G embroidered patch

His blue shirt has the letter G on the front. If the shirt you buy doesn’t have this, then I suggest you go with what I’ve found. The best thing about this patch is that it doesn’t have to be sewn on, it can be ironed on which makes it a much simpler process.

Tan driving gloves

The next piece to the Speed Racer costume is the driving gloves. I picked out a pair of tan gloves to best match the costume. The gloves are made from genuine leather according to the seller. There are several sizes available. I very popular glove with high rated reviews on amazon.

Red bandana

The red bandana is a plain version with no detail. For this, I chose a Carolina Havana style as a lot of the bandana’s I found had some detail on it which wouldn’t have suited the Speed Racer Costume. It has very positive reviews on amazon that seem to indicate is a good purchase and it’s priced very reasonably as well.

White pants

The white pants he wears, I found on amazon. The pants are comprised of polyester and cotton. It states that they are made in the USA. They feature an elastic waistband with a snap button closure. There are plenty of sizes available as well.According to the reviews, these are true white as sometimes the advertised picture might be misrepresentative of what the actual colour is.

Red socks

The red socks, I found on amazon. These are a very affordable pair of socks. They are made from cotton, nylon, and spandex. They feature boneless stitching, high stretch and are non-inductive. They are rated very highly in the reviews.

Brown shoes

The last piece of the Speed Racer costume are the shoes, I found what I consider the perfect match to what is used in this costume.  The brand chosen are Dockers. The shoe is made from leather with a synthetic sole. It has a 1.25-inch heel square apron toe and elasticized goring at vamp. There is a good selection of sizes and seem to be true to size.