Sheldon Cooper Costume

Sheldon Cooper is a fictional character in the tv series “The Big Bang Theory”. Created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady in 2007. Sheldon Cooper is a theoretical physicist at the university of Caltech. He is portrayed as being very intelligent with a narrow logical outlook on life. For all his intelligence he possesses, he lacks the social traits that “lesser” minds possess. In the later seasons, his social skills have evolved to him being in a somewhat functional relationship something that he would have never of considered at the begin of the series. The actor who portrays Sheldon Cooper has won numerous awards for his performances.

The Sheldon Cooper costume will focus on the flash t-shirt version as it is the outfit he most commonly wears. I will include all the links to the items needed for this Sheldon Cooper costume below along with descriptions on the items used. We have more the big bang theory costumes as well.

Sheldon cooper flash t-shirt


Sheldon cooper costume flash t-shirt sheldon cooper costume Sheldon Cooper Costume Sheldon cooper flash t shirt 269x300

Sheldon cooper costume flash t-shirt

The flash t-shirt, I got on amazon. The t-shirt is made from polyester. The size I ordered fitted very well. The quality was very good and felt comfortable to wear. I washed it a couple of times and it did not shrink and the colours didn’t wash out, which was great. Overall a good flash t-shirt, perfect for the Sheldon Cooper Costume.

Blue long sleeve t-shirt


Blue long sleeve t-shirt sheldon cooper costume Sheldon Cooper Costume Blue long sleeve t shirt 250x300

Blue long sleeve t-shirt

Sheldon cooper wears a blue long sleeve t-shirt underneath the flash t-shirt. I got this from amazon. It is comprised of both cotton and polyester. It was fairly comfortable to wear, although I’m used to wearing 100% cotton t-shirts so I did notice a difference. The sizing was good, bit it was a little short. The colour on the featured image was true to the colour of the t-shirt I received. Great t-shirt.

Sheldon Cooper black pants


Sheldon Cooper black pants sheldon cooper costume Sheldon Cooper Costume Sheldon Cooper black pants

Sheldon Cooper black pants

The Sheldon Cooper Costume pants, I got on amazon. I used a similar type of pants I had tucked away in my wardrobe to save a little money If you have any pants that would suit this Sheldon Cooper costume, order the other items first and experiment with the trousers you have and see if it works. Alternatively, you can purchase the pants I picked out. Great reviews, reputable brand.

Brown shoes

Brown shoes sheldon cooper costume Sheldon Cooper Costume Brown shoes 1 300x217

Brown shoes

To put the final touches on the Sheldon Cooper costume, I got a pair of brown shoes on amazon. A beautiful shoe made from suede leather and oxford soles. Really nice pair of shoes, very smart looking. I actually kept these (usually I sell off costume items I don’t use anymore to invest in more costumes ) and wear them almost every day to work. I got a lot of compliments. These were very comfortable. I highly recommend these shoes!!!

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