Sam Sparks Costume

Sam Sparks is a fictional character that appears in the animated film titled  “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”. Created by Phil Lord in 2009. Sam Sparks is one of the main characters in the film. Sam is a young weather intern who aspires to become a weather reporter. When one of the main characters  named Flint invents a crazy weather machine that changes water into food goes wrong, Sam and Flint step up to save the word from disaster. The film was met with critical praise from critics and did extremely well at the box office.

The Sam Sparks costume well will be focusing on will be the out with the pink shirt and oversized glasses. I will leave links underneath to all the products used to complete this cosplay along with information on the item quality as well.


Sam sparks costume oversized glasses

Sam sparks costume oversized glasses Sam Sparks Costume Sam Sparks Costume Sam sparks costume oversized glasses

Sam sparks costume oversized glasses

For the Sam Sparks oversized glasses, I got on amazon. First off this were a lot better than I was expecting, especially for the price. They are a well made thick pair of glasses. I’m quite small and these where huge on me. I was expecting a flimsy pair of glasses but that’s not what I got. Overall I am very happy, great for the Sam sparks costume.

Sam sparks costume purple t-shirt

The Sam Sparks costume  purple t-shirt, I acquired on Amazon. The short sleeve shirt is is stated as being made completely from cotton but don’t think it is, I think it’s a mixture of cotton, polyester, and spandex. it has a v-neckline as well.  The fabric is quite thin but I kind of expected this considering the asking price. I found the fit to be quite snug so if you prefer a looser fit, order a size bigger. overall a good t-shirt that I needed for the Sam Sparks costume.

Pink long sleeve shirt

The pink long sleeve shirt, I found on amazon. It is made from apparently premium 100% cotton and I would agree as it feels great, good value that this price. The tailoring was good as it fitted perfectly. This shirt is not wrinkle-free so you will have to iron it. The pink is the same as what you get compared the to the advertised picture. Overall a great pink shirt that works with the Sam Sparks costume.

Black belt

For the black belt, I just used one I had already owned. If you do not own a black belt or would like to buy a new one, I have included the belt I bought a while back. I got the medium and Its about 41 inches long from the buckle to the last pin hole. They don’t provide the measurements at all on the page but look at the reviews they are stated there. The belt is fantastic, one of the best quality belts I’ve bought in quite some time.

Sam Sparks khaki hiking shorts

For the Sam Sparks shorts, I went for a pair of safari shorts, I got these on amazon. The colour tone is called khaki. They are made from nylon that has two cargo sale pockets. I like these shorts so much I ordered them again in different colours. They’re lightweight and comfortable to wear. The wash and dry quick. Overall a fantastic pair of shorts that I definitely recommend.

Purple socks

The purple socks I got on amazon. When I buy items for costumes I like to transition them into my everyday wardrobe but I must admit I’m not a fan of purple socks. With that in mind I found only a pair of socks, usually, I would try and find a set of 6 pairs. However there was absolutely nothing wrong with these, I would order this again just in a different colour.

Brown lace up boots

To finish off the Sam Sparks costume, we are going to need a pair of boots. I went with a pair of laced up boots as they match the style of Sam Sparks. The interesting thing about these boots is that they have a pocket to store your bank cards which are kind of cool but it is still something I’m getting used to. The quality was great and the sizing was good. I highly recommend these boots for the Sam Sparks costume.