Sailor Moon Costume

Sailor Moon is a Japanese anime TV series written by Sukehiro Tomita and produces Toei Animation. Sailor Moon is the secret identity of Usagi Tsukino. Usagi was given the magical power of sailor moon by a mysterious talking cat called Luna. Sailor Moon’s assignment is to find the missing moon princess and defeat the forces of evil within the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Moon was a huge success spawn several different iterations of the Sailor Moon franchise including a second animated series called the “Sailor Moon Crystal” which became available July 2014.

The Sailor Moon costume will be based around the original animated series. The Sailor Moon costume hasn’t changed since its first aired in 1992. The Japanese anime are very popular for costumes, making demand high which allows for full costumes to become available.


Sailor moon costume 

For the sailor moon costume I went for one I found on amazon sold by leg avenue. This costume comes in at a very affordable price for what you are getting. The quality of the costume is great and feels very comfortable. The skirt is the just the right length and a lot of people who bought and left reviews to agree. A lot of the accessories like the gloves fit great and look great also. If you are looking for a sailor moon costume then look no further. This is according to the seller an officially licensed sailor moon costume. The shoes, wig and rod are not included, but I have added them below for you.

Sailor moon wig

To replicate the extremely long blond hair of sailor moon I went for a wig as it would take forever to grow lol. The one I went for is listed on amazon. The length of the wig is perfect, at 5’8, it reached the waist. You might have to brush it straight out of the packaging as it was fairly busy. Although I never tried this I saw one reviewer who curled it carefully and it turned out beautifully.

Sailor moon shoes

Sailor moon shoes sailor moon costume Sailor Moon Costume Sailor moon shoes 300x262

Sailor moon shoes

For the sailor moon style boots, I found a pair on Etsy that is handmade. The boots have a zipper on the inside for an easy fit. The boots are made from a PU leather, They look so good and feel great.

Sailor moon rod

For the sailor moon costume to be complete, you need the moon rod. I found this one on amazon. I personally didn’t buy this buy from what I’ve read from the reviews that people seems very happy with it. On first glance, I thought it was full size but from the pictures, the reviewers provided it was a lot smaller than I thought. Before buying this, I would encourage you to read the reviews first before making a decision.