Ryu Cosplay

Ryu is a fictional character that resides in the video game series “Street Fighter”. Developed by Capcom in 1987, Ryu is one of the original playable fighters in Street Fighter. He also serves has the face of Street Fighter. Ryu is a mixed martial arts expert and follows the path of the warrior. He is a humble and a respectful individual and is dedicated to mastering martial arts. Ryu has a childhood friend who he trains with. Ken is quite the opposite of ken in that he as more of an aggressive personality. Street fighter is an extremely popular game that has garnered some of the most die-hard fans in the world. The games have sold millions across the world and just recently released a new iteration of the Street Fighter games.

The Ryu cosplay consists of a martial arts white robe and bright red boxing gloves along with a red bandana. I will add links to the items need to complete this cosplay along with information on the items quality as well.

Ryu cosplay red boxing gloves 

Ryu cosplay red boxing gloves Ryu Cosplay Ryu Cosplay Ryu cosplay red boxing gloves

Ryu cosplay red boxing gloves

The red boxing gloves I found on amazon. They come in three different sizes. They are made from a leather construction with satin nylon. They don’t state what the padding is made from other than its a “special cell foam” . The gloves do have to brand on them, as it is very hard to find plain gloves that are red. They are on the expensive side but you can always sell these when you’re finished with them.

Red bandana 

The red bandana, I found on amazon. A lot of the bandanas I came across had some sort of design on them, which is some I didn’t want as it wouldn’t fit the Ryu cosplay. The bandana I found is completely plain and measures 22”x22” . The bandana is made completely from cotton. I see many reviews use this particular bandana for cosplays and spoke highly of it.

White martial arts robe 

The last and dos important piece to the Ryu cosplay is the martial arts robe. This is a traditional karate Gi robe that is mainly used for practicing. It is comprised of both cotton and polyester. The martial arts robe comes with the jacket, pants equipped with a drawstring waist and a black cotton belt. This is a unisex item as well. The sizes are a little confusing and on first inspection, I couldn’t find any sizing chart but if you look at the question and answers section its all their.  Lots of positive reviews on this one and it comes in at a great price for all the items you are getting, which makes it perfect for the Ryu cosplay.