Ron Swanson Costume

Ron Swanson is a fictional character that appears in the tv series “Parks and Recreation”. Developed by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur in 2009, Ron Swanson is the acting director of Parks and Recreation, a person who shows very little emotion in a very comedic way. He does his utmost to make city hall less effective. He doesn’t like interacting with members of the public. He has two ex-wives which he hates and fears. He is perceived as not caring for his colleagues but in actual fact cares a great deal for them. Parks and Recreation were very popular amongst the audience. The series ran for seven seasons totaling over 125 episodes.

The Ron Swanson costume changes quite a bit the premise of his costume stays the same with s monotone shirt, t-shirt beige pants. I will leave links below to all the items used to complete this costume along with information on all the items used as well.

Ron Swanson costume wine polo shirt

Ron Swanson costume wine polo shirt ron swanson costume Ron Swanson Costume Ron Swanson costume wine polo shirt

Ron Swanson costume wine polo shirt

Ron Swanson costume wine polo shirt is available on Amazon. It is comprised of mainly cotton with some polyester. The polo has a good selection of sizes to choose from. It is a relaxed fit as well. The reviews on Amazon are positive for the most part with many praising its quality given how much it costs.

Ron Swanson black pants

The Ron Swanson black pants are available on amazon. These are slim tapered casual pants. They have plenty of sizes to choose from and it is exact to fit as is. The are made from cotton with a small percentage of polyester. It has two front pockets and two back pockets. According to the reviews, these are worth the price.

Ron Swanson watch

The Ron Swanson costume watch can be found on Amazon. The brand chosen is the Casio analog sports watch. It is reasonable priced to be used for just the costume but according to the reviews, it is a very good watch. It is water resistance up to 100M, a 12/24 hour timekeeping surrounded in a resin case.

Ron Swanson prop moustache

The Ron Swanson prop moustache can be acquired on Amazon. The prop moustaches come in a pack of 12. The pack includes different styles of moustaches. These can be trimmed for the desired look as well. They are made from a synthetic material.

Ron Swanson black shoes

The final piece to the Ron Swanson costume are the black shoes. These are a somewhat formal pair of shoes that can be used outside the costume as well. If you own a similar pair I would suggest you go with them and save as much money as possible as they would do the job perfectly. If you don’t own a pair, these have been received well on amazon.