Robin Costume

Robin is a character from the DC word. The Robin character was created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson in the early 19040’s. Robin is Batman’s sidekick, together they are most commonly known as the Dynamic Duo/ Caped Crusaders. Several character has taken on the role of including Jason Todd who was killed by the joker in the late 1980’s. After Robin’s death, Tim Drake had taken up Robin’s new identity the Red Robin. Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne played the fourth and fifth iterations of Robin within the comics.

The Robin costume we will be focusing will be based on the comics as there hasn’t been a more recent representation of Robin in recent years. The Robin outfit below will include a list of all the items needed to complete this outfit, with links provided as well.



Affordable Robin costume adult

Affordable Robin costume adult robin costume Robin Costume Affordable Robin costume adult

Affordable Robin costume adult

For the affordable version of the robin costume, I chose one I found on eBay. I personally didn’t buy this robin cosplay, but I wanted to include an affordable robin outfit as some might not willing to spend it on the premium versions.

Premium robin outfit

Premium robin costume robin costume Robin Costume Premium robin costume

Premium robin costume

For the premium version of the robin outfit, I found on Etsy. This is a custom made piece that looks absolutely fantastic. The quality of this robin cosplay is very good. The robin outfit includes the mask, gloves, briefs, tunic, belt and cape. The cape is made up of wuji fabric while the rest of the costume is made up of a type of stretch knit fabrics. If you like a certain piece of this costume, you do have the option to buy them separately. I personally loved this costume and think it’s well worth the money.

Female robin costume

Female robin cosplay robin costume Robin Costume Female robin costume

Female robin costume

For the female robin cosplay, I found a version of this costume on Etsy. I personally didn’t purchase this costume but I wanted an option for females. This costume looks fantastic. The costume is made from a 4-way stretch metallic lycra. The costume includes the cape, the top and bottoms.

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