Ricky Vaughn Costume

Ricky Vaughn is a fictional character that appears in the sports film titled “Major League”. Created by David S. Ward in 1989. Ricky Vaughn is a rookie baseball player who is called up to play for the Cleveland Indians. Rachael Phelps who inherits the team wants to move them to Miami as part of a lucrative deal but can’t unless the attendance falls below a certain level. She fires a lot of the experienced players and hires rookies and aging players in hopes that their dire performances will cause some of the fans from coming. Her plan however backfires and the players begin to win games.

The Ricky Vaughn costume we will be focusing will be the Cleveland Indians attire Ricky Vaughn wears. I will leave links below to all the items used complete this costume along with information on all the items used as well.



Ricky Vaughn costume baseball jersey 

Ricky Vaughn costume baseball jersey Ricky Vaughn Costume Ricky Vaughn Costume Ricky Vaughn costume baseball jersey

Ricky Vaughn costume baseball jersey

The baseball Jersey Ricky Vaughn wears, I found on amazon. It’s a Cleveland baseball jersey, comprised of polyester. It has the Indians logo across the front. This is not embroidered. It has the team patch on the left sleeve which is embroidered. along with the Vaughn name and number on the back. This is perfect for the Ricky Vaughn costume.

Ricky Vaughn Cleveland Indians hat

The Ricky Vaughn Cleveland hat, I found also on amazon. The hat is made from polyester and cotton. It features the Cleveland logo on the front of it and the team name on the back. Lots of these is embroidered. There is no adjustable strap on the back because this there are multiple sizes to choose from. The sizes aren’t very accurate to I would suggest you read the reviews to determine the correct size. Apart from the sizing issue, the hat has positive reviews.

Ricky Vaughn skull glasses

The glasses he uses are his own unique design. They feature a skull in the middle of the glasses. The glass I found have this, but it’s a little more pronounced that what used in the film but it still works nicely. It worth mentioning that these are just propped glasses.

Ricky Vaughn baseball pants

The pants he wears is a baseball pants and that’s exactly what I’ve chosen. The pants are made by under Armour. An ok selection of sizes available. The feature a dual-fabric layer around the knees for extra durability. Two back pockets  that are double welted and extra belt loops. They run small so I would advise you to order a size bigger than what you would normally wear. A great addition to the Ricky Vaughn costume.

Baseball mitt

The baseball mitt, I found on amazon. There is only one size available and that’s the 11.75-inch size. It features a soft palm liner for increased comfort levels  and infield pattern and Deep 3 web. This is for the left hand only. It might be a little be expensive for a costume but you can always sell it again on eBay or else head to your local sports store, you might get one cheaper there.


The last product to complete the Ricky Vaughn costume is the baseball.  I would consider this an optional extra as the Ricky Vaughn costume would be fine without it but if you want to make the costume that little bit special then adding the baseball it a good choice. They come in a pack of two and have very positive reviews. They are also quite affordable.