Rick Grimes Costume

Rick Grimes Costume

Rick Grimes is the main character in The Walking Dead, a horror drama by AMC. Created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, Rick Grimes is an unyielding leader that will do anything to protect his son and his community. His morality and sanity are continually tested by both humans and the walkers that continually push him to his limits.

The Rick Grimes has had a few costumes leading to the events of season 6 including is original sheriff outfit that we will create at some point but the rick grimes costume we are going to breakdown in this article will be the prison outfit in season 3 as it is fairly easy to put together. I have outlined with links the costume pieces needed to complete this outfit below.

Rick Grimes Beige shirt

Rick Grimes costume Beige shirt rick grimes costume Rick Grimes Costume Rick Grimes Beige shirt 238x300

Rick Grimes costume Beige shirt

For the shirt Rick Grimes uses, I went for a beige long sleeve shirt. To make it look more authentic to the out Rick uses your going to have to dirty it up a bit Roll around in the mud that should do the trick 😉 lol

Black jeans

The black jeans I choose some black Levi’s slim fit jeans. They work with the costume and you can use them for casual use when you’re finished with the costume. If you have some black jeans of you own already, just use them to save yourself some money.

Silver colt python

The gun I went with is a colt python. The size and weight feel great. It is primarily made from plastic it still feels great. The one negative is that doesn’t come with an orange cap to show its an airsoft gun, because at a distance this does look real.

Police Tactical Belt

The belt I choose is a tactical police belt. It has numerous pouches and equipment slots, perfect for the rick grimes costume.

Drop leg holster

I originally wanted a belt with the holster already attached, but I couldn’t find one that would hold a colt python, most of the belts I found that had holsters were for smaller handguns. With that in I choose a drop leg tactical leg holster. I was surprised to see how well it worked with the outfit as a whole.

Sheriff boots

I went for some western style boots. This is the closest style of boots I could find that match the boots rick uses. These are quite expensive therefore, I can understand if you choose something else like a pair of brown shoes. these would work as well. I will include some brown shoes below as well, a nice addition to the the rick grimes costume


I would consider this an optional extra as it is a lethal weapon and the other items are much more important to get. but if you want a true rick grimes costume then you’re going to need this machete. I found one that has a cover included for a very affordable price.

Hairstyle & beard 

The rick grimes hairstyle will require your hair to be quite long. His hairstyle is relativity simple it’s just gelled back both top and sides. The beard is grown to stubble length.

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