Rick Flag Costume

Rick Flag is a fictional character that resides in the DC Comics. Created by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru. Rick Flag replace his father in the Suicide Squad as the leader. He is an expert in demolitions and highly trained in hand to hand combat and armed combat. He has lead several Suicide Squads that have contained a vast number of DC characters. Joel Kinnaman will portray Rick Flag in the upcoming theatrical release of the Suicide Squad, written and directed by David Ayer.

For the Rick Flag costume, I will be focusing on the new Suicide Squad film releasing in 2016 as it will be the costume people will be most familiar with. I will leave links below to all the items used to complete this costume along with information on the products used as well.


Olive jacket

The olive jacket, I found on amazon. I wanted something that I would wear that would also work for the Rick Flag cosplay. A lot of the jackets I found had had hoods that could be removed. The jacket I ended up going with was a bomber jacket. It is made from cotton. the jacket must be hand washed. the sizing is true to size so order you’re normal size. I thought the jacket was good, maybe a little expensive. I would suggest waiting to see of it goes on sale. It worked for me for the Rick Flag cosplay.

Rick Flag costume tactical vest

Rick Flag costume tactical vest rick flag costume Rick Flag Costume Rick Flag costume tactical vest

Rick Flag costume tactical vest

The black tactical vest, I found on amazon. The vest is comprised of various materials that include nylon, polyester, and spandex. The tactical vest has a vast array of pockets compartments,it’s very impressive. I was expecting this to be quite heavy based on the size but to my surprise it’s actually quite lightweight. It’s a bigger vest to what is used in the Rick Flag costume but I still think it works very well. Overall a good quality tactical vest that I can see myself using for other activities in the future as well due to sheer about of pockets available.

Black fingerless gloves 

The black fingerless gloves I got on amazon. I’ve bought some bad pair of gloves in the past. So this time around I really did my work because I did not feel like returning any items anytime soon. The gloves I picked up are fingerless to match the Rick Flag costume. The are comprised of nylon with reinforced padding around the knuckles. They are a great pair of gloves for the price.

Black tactical belt

The tactical belt, I got on amazon. the belt is made from nylon. I bought this for a previous costume and it was great had not problems with it at all. Its very well made, the sizing was good. I would highly recommend this.

Navy pants 

The navy pants, I found on amazon. The pants are made from cotton and polyester, with a good selection of sizes to choose from.  A very thin light weight pants and the sizing is true. They are quite comfortable wear as well.  It’s not a perfect match to what Rick flag uses as he has patches but it pretty close if you ask me. Overall I think they are good and I would recommend these.

Black Boots

The last item needed to finish off the Rick Flag cosplay are the black boots. Went with a tactical military boot as it fits the look of the Rick Flag costume. It is comprised of leather and a rubber sole. I bought these about 5 months ago for some construction work I needed to do around the house and I must say they’ve held up better than I could have expected. Small signs of wear and tear but that’s expected. I love this boots and I would recommend this boots to anyone.

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