Ragnar Lothbrok Costume

Ragnar Lothbrok is a fictional character that stars in the TV series titled “Vikings”. The story was written by  Michael Hirst in 2013. Vikings are centered around the tales of Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary warrior of the medieval Scandinavia and the bane of the French and English who is observed pillaging, trading and exporting the lands. Vikings were met with favorable reviews from critics calling it “natural and authentic “. Now in its fourth season, the Vikings has seen a steady rise in rating per season.

The Ragnar Lothbrok costume we will be focusing on will be his battle attire. I will place links below to all the items that you will need to complete this costume along with information on the items used as well.

Ragnar Lothbrok axe

For the Ragnar Lothbrok axe, I  got on amazon. The axe is comprised of an ash handle that is wrapped in leather with a stainless steel blade. The blade is purposely not sharpened in that it is an authentic reproduction of the what Ragnar Lothbrok uses but as for it being functional? that’s a no. Done get me wrong, I loved it, it is a must if you want to recreate the Ragnar Lothbrok costume.

Brown tunic

The brown tunic used by Ragnar Lothbrok, I found on amazon. I found it quite difficult to find a tunic that is remotely similar to what is used in the Ragnar Lothbrok costume. The tunic I got, although not an act copy, it still was good quality and made very well. Overall I’m quite happy with it.

Ragnar Lothbrok shield

For the William Wallace shield, I found a Viking shield for sale on Amazon. This might be expensive for some but really when it comes to props that are made well nothing is cheap. This is a beautifully made Viking shield. It has a good amount of weight to it without being overly heavily. The build quality is awesome. it has stainless steel trimming and beautiful dark stained wood finish. The back is covered in felt. I made a strap for mine that would hang on my back as I didn’t want to carry it all day. Overall a great shield that is a much in my opinion for the Braveheart costume.

Ragnar Lothbrok brown pants

The Ragnar Lothbrok brown pants, I went for a renaissance type of pants that I got on amazon. It made from rain fabric that includes an outside lace along both legs of the pants. The sizing was good, I ordered a small/medium as I have a 34 waist. I wasn’t too familiar with rayon fabric but I have to admit it was comfortable to wear. Overall a good pair of pants that suited the Ragnar Lothbrok costume.

Leather Viking armor 

Ragnar Lothbrok costume armor ragnar lothbrok costume Ragnar Lothbrok Costume Leather Viking armor

Ragnar Lothbrok costume armor

The leather Viking armor, I found on Etsy. An absolutely beautiful piece made from real authentic leather. it is hand stitched and you can tell because every seam perfectly crafted. Make sure you provide the correct measurements to avoid any delays with your order and note that because this is a handmade item,be prepared to wait. Overall I think this leather Viking armor is worth every penny.

Ragnar Lothbrok boots

The brown boots, I got on amazon. These are a pirate style boot but it was the closest boot I could fin that matched the look of the cosplay. They are comprised of polyurethane with synthetic sole. I found the material to be very soft and flexible. I bought them in my normal size but I found them to be quite big so I would advise you to order a size smaller than what you normally wear. Overall a good quality boot, ideal for the Ragnar Lothbrok costume.