Predator Costume

Predator is a fictional character from the Predator film, franchise. Developed by Jim Thomas and John Thomas in the mid to late 1980’s, Predator is an extraterrestrial warrior, who in the films, Stalks and hunts the rescue team.  The Predator has many  technologically advanced weaponry that include stealth camouflage, plasma gun as well a thermal imaging. Jean- Claude Van Damme was originally meant to portray the Predator, but the directors wanted a much taller actor to instigate fear and power to the audience.

The predator costume is quite unique and hasn’t seen many changes, even though it was rebooted in 2010. I will include both a complete ready to order predator costume along with a DIY predator costume I came up with. All the links and necessary information on the items will be below


Custom made predator costume (only 1 available)

Custom made predator costume predator costume Predator Costume Custom made predator costume only 1 available

Custom made predator costume

When I was searching for a Predator costume I came across this custom made piece. The costume was out of my price range, but I thought I would include it as somebody might be willing to pay. The costume itself looks fantastic, with custom made armour and helmet. The detail work looks great too. If you do not intend to buy it, I would advise you to check it out to see what you can get for this price range.

Predator Mask

Predator Mask predator costume Predator Costume Predator Mask

Predator Mask

For the Predator mask, I went with a version I found on eBay. I found plenty of these masks around but this version was the most detailed, the others didn’t have the hair protruding from the sides. The mask is made entirely from latex and stretches to most head types. I found it fairly comfortable and breathable. Overall I was very happy with my purchase.

Predator Armour

Predator Armour predator costume Predator Costume Predator Armour

Predator Armour

The armour I had purchased has gone off the market, but I did manage to find another piece similar. The cost is high, but there are not many predator costumes for sale that are high quality. I cannot comment on the quality of this product since I haven’t punched it but the seller has great feedback and from the images of the product, it looks very good.

Predator hands

Predator hands predator costume Predator Costume Predator hands

Predator hands

For the hands, I went with latex gloves that resemble the predators hands. They fit very well. The detail on the gloves is awesome and the, I think for the price it’s a good deal.

Predator style boots

Predator style boots predator costume Predator Costume Predator style bootsFor the boots, I just went with some high ankle gothic style boots. They looked very good with the costume. They were comfortable. If you find these too pricey I would recommend some black work boots that you might have lain at home, if not I will link a pair below.