Pocahontas Costume

Pocahontas is a character from Disney’s animated film of the same name. Created by Walt Disney in the mid-1990’s. Pocahontas is a fictionalised story based around the Native American woman Pocahontas in which he begins a romantic relationship between captain John Smith and venture to the New World to star anew. Pocahontas’s father on the other wants her to wed a native man. While this is unfolding John Smith colleague hatch a devious plan to rob the natives of their gold. Although the film garnered a mix response from critics, it was a huge success with the audience, winning various in the process.

For the Pocahontas costume, I have included all the information below, with links to all the pieces needed to complete the look and descriptions on the quality of those items.

Custom Made Pocahontas Costume

Custom made Pocahontas costume pocahontas costume Pocahontas Costume Custom made Pocahontas costume

Custom made Pocahontas costume

For the Pocahontas costume, i went with a version i found on Etsy. This is a handmade costume so please provide your measurements required. The seller has a great descriptive photo illustrating what’s needed so be sure to check that out. The Pocahontas costume is made from satin that feels very good. This was a lot cheaper than most custom made costumes i usually buy so I was initially worried at first but i have to say the costume is great, a few minor tweaks had to be made but other than that very happy with my purchase. I would also like to say that it looks very similar to the original Pocahontas costume which is great.

Pocahontas Necklace

Pocahontas necklace pocahontas costume Pocahontas Costume Pocahontas necklace

Pocahontas necklace

The Pocahontas necklace, i found on Etsy. This is the second Pocahontas necklace i have bought. The first was so bad, it fell apart so i won’t be linking to that one. Now don’t get be wrong it sometimes could just be that it got damaged in the mail, these things happen but in the case for this item, i feel in love with the picture and bought it without reading the reviews….. I should have read the reviews hahaha. Anyway the second Pocahontas necklace was much better. The necklace is made from various materials that include turquoise, abalone etc. It’s Such a beautiful piece that I’m kinda glad the first necklace was bad otherwise i wouldn’t have bought this. I highly recommend this.

Pocahontas Style Shoes

Pocahontas style shoes pocahontas costume Pocahontas Costume Pocahontas style shoesFor the shoes i went with a handmade pair i found on Etsy. I didn’t actually buy these, i saw these while i was putting together this article. I just wore some simple brown slip on’s. I would have bought these because look fantastic and would go very well with the costume altogether. I cannot comment on the quality but from what I’ve read, the reviews, they seem great.

Pocahontas Wig 

Pocahontas Wig pocahontas costume Pocahontas Costume Pocahontas WigTo finish off the Pocahontas costume I bought a wig. When I was ordering this, I was a little hesitant at first because the seller has no information on the sellers page of this product, which is a big no for me when it comes to buying items but I had a look at the reviews and people who purchased seemed to love the wig so I took a chance and I’m glad i did, a great wig that is very well made. Made a huge difference to the Pocahontas costume.