Our Partners


Warehouse Fabrics  is one of the best places to get high-quality fabrics at a very affordable price. They have an incredible selection of fabrics to choose from and they are perfect for any custom made costume.

The Mask Store – Based in New Orleans, the mask store boasts a wide variety of masks to choose from with an option to custom make a mask of your choosing. whether you need a mask for Halloween or a birthday party, the mask store has you covered.



Replica Airguns offers a wide selection of weapons from small handguns to assault rifles that are beautifully made with exceptional detail. If you are in need of a specific weapon for your next cosplay photoshoot or want to bring your costumes to the next level, then Replica Airguns is the only site you need.

Japanese Swords

Aoi Japan has a great selection of beautiful Japanese swords for sale that include katana, wakizashi, tanto and so much more. They also have practice swords available as well as an auction list. If you are in need of highly detailed Japanese swords for cosplays then Aoi Japan is the perfect place.

Entertainment Memorabilia

The Golden Closet founded in 1996 by Breanna Live, has become one of the best resellers of entertainment memorabilia. They have a wide variety of memorabilia available that includes scripts, props, celebrity couture  and so much more. If you are looking for iconic, rare entertainment memorabilia, then look no further than the Golden Closet.