Negan Costume

Negan is a fictional character that appears in the post-apocalyptic tv series “The Walking Dead”. Created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Allard, Negan is one of the main characters in season 7 of “The Walking Dead”. He is the leader of the Saviors, a massive group of survivors hell bent on destruction. Negan is one of the most formidable opponents the group has faced. He is a person who enjoys the violence and the pleasure it brings him. He survives on being in control and loves the power it comes with. His weapon of choice is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire which he calls “Lucille”.

The Negan costume we will focus on will be the season six finale of the walking dead as it is the only visual outlook we have on his costume and it will be the costume that most people are aware of. I will leave links below to all the products used to complete this costume, along with information on all the items quality as well.



Negan costume leather jacket

Negan costume leather jacket negan costume Negan Costume Negan costume leather jacket 231x300

Negan costume leather jacket

For the black leather jacket, I got on amazon. The jacket is made from PU leather with the inner layer made from polyester. There are four sizes available for you to choose from. The sizes are Asian which is smaller than American sizes so please take that into consideration. As for the quality of the jacket, I think, for the price, its good. The size I ordered fitted well. Although it is fake leather, I’m quite happy with it. It looks and feels a lot better than I thought. Overall a good jacket for the price but the sizing on the page needs to be changed as I can see many people ordering the wrong size. Other than that, it’s perfect for the Negan costume.

Red bandana

For the red bandana, I got on amazon. It took me a while to find one in a plain red colour. Most of them have designs on them, which is not what I want. The bandana is made complete from cotton and measures roughly 22 x 22 which is a perfect size. Not much to say about other than I was happy with it and it suited the Negan costume.

White t-shirt

The white t-shirt, I got on amazon. I went for an affordable white t-shirt rather than picked a popular brand name as I kind of wanted to see the differences. The t-shirt I bought came in a packet of six. The shirt is made from cotton which is a must for me, as I am not a huge fan of polyester shirts. Considering the price and the fact that you are getting six in a pack, I think this is great value. The shirt feels well made and comfortable to wear. If you get the right size there not boxy look which I hate. Overall, a good white shirt.

Light brown pants

The light brown pants, I found on amazon. The pants are made completely from cotton and has a nice selection of sizes to choose from. I usually go for Dickies pants but this time, I wanted to changed it up and go for something different and I’m glad I did because these are fantastic. These are very light which I like and the sizing is true to size. The colour, for the most part, was as advertised. overall a good pair of pants for the Negan costume.Baseball bat

Negan uses a baseball bat wrapped in barbwire called Lucille, for this I also got on Amazon. I don’t know much about baseball bats so I picked the cheapest with the highest review rating and I was only using this for the costume. I have to say I was pretty impressed with the quality, it has some nice weight to it. I also like it because it has not designed or print on it for the most part as a lot the bats I saw were multi coloured with branding all over the bat. Overall a good baseball bat for the Negan costume. I cannot comment on the quality of the bat for baseball ball as I used it purely as a prop.

Barb wire

The barbed wire, got on in my local hardware store as I could get the amount I needed without buying a huge roll of it. But if you would prefer to order it, I have left a link above.

Black Boots

The last item needs to finish off the Negan cosplay are the black boots. Went with a tactical military boot as it fits the look of the Negan costume. It is comprised of leather and a rubber sole. I bought these about 5 months ago for some construction work I needed to do around the house and I must say they’ve held up better than I could have expected. Small signs of wear and tear but that’s expected. I love this boots and I would recommend this boots to anyone.

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