Minion Costume

Minions are fictional characters from the film of the same name. Created by Mac Guff an animation studio in France in 2009. Minion first appear in the film Despicable me in which the supervillain Gru and the minions try to steal the moon by shrinking it using a shrink ray. The Minions have garnered huge popularity with their goofy actions and humorous personalities, to spawn a spin-off film that centres around them.

The minion costume, because it is so unique will be very difficult to put together using various clothing items. Instead, you will have to buy a custom made version. I will include links below of the minion costume I found to be affordable and possess adequate quality, along with any accessories that are not included in the minion costume.

Men’s minion Costume 

The Minion costume I choose was from amazon. It is made from polyester. The quality was ok for the price. I would recommend you wait for some sort of discount. The goggles, like one reviewer, said, they were uncomfortable and I tend to agree. This is the best Minion costume on the market that I could find on trusted websites. ( I don’t like to direct people to websites they don’t know or I don’t know.) It’s a great costume for only one day use anymore and I don’t think its worth it.

Black Boots 

For the boots, I went with black boots that go above the ankle. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to black boots as they are fairly common.

Women’s minion Costume 

For the female version of the minions costume, I found a version amazon. I did not purchase this costume so I cannot give my own personal opinion on it but based on the reviews it seems to suffer from the same problems as the male version such as uncomfortable goggles. I  recommend you read the reviews before deciding to purchase this.

Women’s black boots

For the boots, I found a pair on amazon. I picked these to finish off the minion costume look. I would suggest you go with a pair that you would wear again rather than just for the costume.