Michonne Costume

Michonne is a fictional character that appears in the post-apocalyptic tv series called “The walking Dead”. Developed by Frank Darabont in 2010, Michonne first appears at the end of season two, having two zombies chain linked to her. She has become one of the main characters ever since. At first, she is very mysterious and often prefers to work alone but as the series progress, she opens up to people much more. Her weapon of choice is the Katana and you rarely see her dispatch a zombie without it. She has formed a special bond with Rick and Carl Grimes and later becomes his right-hand woman.

For the Michonne costume, we will focus on, will be from the later seasons. There will be links placed below to all the products used to complete this costume along with informative descriptions on the items quality.



Michonne sword replica

For the Michonne sword replica, I got on amazon. According to the seller, this is an officially licensed product from the tv show. The sword is made from carbon steel and the handle is made from black ray skin wood that wrapped in both brown and white hand braided white leatherette. The scabbard (container for the sword) is also made from these leather materials.  First off some of the reviewers were complaining that it’s not one of limited addition signed sword. From looking at the information on the sellers page, I don’t see any mention of limited edition anywhere. Could they have removed this possibly? I do believe this is a licensed product. As of the quality, I think it’s pretty good not perfect, though. The blade isn’t a real blade, yes its made from steel but is not sharp at all. At the price its advertised at, I expected this as you could pay anywhere from $400 – $1000 for a genuine blade. its good quality and looks exactly like the sword Michonne uses that’s good enough fro me.

Michonne costume wig

Michonne costume wig michonne costume Michonne Costume Michonne costume wig

Michonne costume wig

The Michonne style wig, I found on amazon.  it was very hard to find a perfect match to the style that Michonne rocks but I think this is the best I could find and it works very well. The wig has lots of braids and is quite thick, which I love. It looks very natural well as natural as a braided wig can look. I would have it to have bigger braids to match the Michonne look but this did the job.

Michonne headband

For the Michonne headband, I found on amazon. Very hard to find the exact colour tone of the headband Michonne uses but I like the one I got and I think it works. The headband is made from cotton. Not much to say bout this other than I’m very happy with what I got, no sizing issues, perfect for the Michonne costume.

Leather vest

The leather vest used in the Michonne costume, I got on amazon. The vest is made from a combination of Polyurethane and polyester. it comes with a hood but it can be removed, which I removed. It’s not a complete match to what Michonne wears but its pretty close. The vest itself was very good, made very well, the sizing was perfect, just an all-around good vest that’s perfect for the Michonne costume.

Purple tank top

For the Purple tank top, I found on amazon. This tank top is made from a combination of cotton polyester and spandex, with plenty of sizes to choose from. These are full back and not racer back tank tops. The material is thin but I kind of like it that way. The purple colour wasn’t see through. Overall a great tank top that I would defiantly recommend.

Dark grey jeans

The dark grey jeans, I got on amazon. The dark grey jeans are made from a combination of cotton polyester and spandex. An expensive pair of jeans but I think they are worth it. They fit as expected, theirs a nice stretch to them which I like. Overall a good pair of jeans but might be a bit too expensive for some.

Military black boots 

To complete the look of the Michonne costume, we are going to need a pair of black boots. I went for military style boots as it best suits the costume.


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