Merida Costume

Merida is a character that appears in the animated film Brave by Walt Disney. Created by Brenda Chapman in the early 2010’s, Merida is a princess, who breaks traditional custom by not wanting to be betrothed. Merida becomes desperate with her parents lack of control over who she weds that she consults a which that turns her mother into a bear. Merida travels on a journey to reverse the spells effects before it becomes permanent. Brave was a huge success for Disney, having received positive reviews from critics and becoming a smash hit with audiences.

The Merida costume has a few accessories such as the bow but for the most part, it is quite simple yet absolutely amazing. Below, I have included all the links to the items needed to complete this Merida cosplay look along with information on whether or these items are any good.


Costume made Merida costume

Custom made Merida costume merida costume Merida Costume Costume made Merida costume 300x274

Custom made Merida costume

For the Merida costume, I found on Etsy.  This a custom made costume so make sure you provide the correct measurements to avoid any delays. The Merida costume is made from various materials that include uniform cloth and synthetic leather. The costume includes the dress, cape and arrow pouch. It does not include the bow and shoes. I will add these below. The quality of the Merida outfit is there to see when you first take it out of the packaging. It a very light dress which I like. The best Merida costume on the market, in my opinion.

Merida style replica blow


Merida style replica blow merida costume Merida Costume Merida style replica blow 300x166

Merida style replica blow

For the bow, I got a replica version on Etsy.  This is a beautifully made bow, perfect size and a quality finish to it.  The seller offers a number to different finishes to the bow along with different weights. Overall a very nice bow and a must for a Merida costume.


Arrows merida costume Merida Costume Arrows 300x51


For the arrows, I found on Etsy. I just went with some very simple non-lethal costume arrows. I ordered a set of six and they looked great within the quiver.

Merida style red wig 

Merida style red wig merida costume Merida Costume Merida style red wig 286x300

Merida style red wig

For the wig, I acquired on Etsy. This was probably one of the best wigs I’ve ever purchased. The quality and realistic look of the wig was like nothing I’ve ever seen before, especially around this price range. The colour is true to what you would expect from a Merida costume wig. I highly recommend this wig.

Brown shoes

brown shoes merida costume Merida Costume brown shoes 300x225

brown shoes

To finish off the Merida cosplay, I went with some simple slip on brown shoes. If you have a pair of slip on at home that aren’t flamboyant, then save your money and wear those. Otherwise, go with the brown shoes I’ve picked. They look great and feel comfortable.

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