Mad Hatter Costume

Mad Hatter is a character in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Created by Lewis Carroll, the Mad Hatter (also known as the Hatter) appears in chapter seven titled “A Mad Tea Party” in which he asks Alice a riddle “why is a raven like a writing desk”. The Mad Hatter also appears in the batman series, in which he is portrayed as a supervillain that holds incredible knowledge go controlling the human mind trough hypnosis.

The Mad Hatter costume we will be looking at will be from the 2010 Alice in Wonderland film in which the Mad Hatter is portrayed by Johnny Depp. The costume centrepiece is the large top hat with a red band with the old style price tag of 10/6.


Mad hatter costume 

For the mad hatter costume, I went with a version I found on amazon. You have to do a small bit of prep for this costume as it arrived all wrinkled and the hat was squashed. The mad hatter costume itself was great. The quality was good and it was comfortable to wear. The shipping was quick for me. This costume does not include the shoes, socks or makeup needed so you will have to buy them separately but I have provided the items you need below.

Red and blue socks x2 
blue socks mad hatter costume Mad Hatter Costume blue socks

blue socks

red socks mad hatter costume Mad Hatter Costume redsocks

red socks









For the socks, because I couldn’t find odd pairs for sale in the colours I needed I ordered two pairs, red and blue and mismatched them to achieve the look. If you have a blue and red socks at home, just use them they will work provided they are long and not the socks that stop around the ankles.

Brown shoes

Brown shoes mad hatter costume Mad Hatter Costume Brown shoesFor the shoes, I found a replica version of the mad hatter style shoes on eBay. They looked great with the costume and I only wanted them for one use. Usually, when I’m finished with a costume I sell it as one piece to make some of the money back that I spent.