Luna Lovegood Costume

Luna Lovegood is a fictional character that appears in the massively popular fantasy franchise “Harry Potter”. Created by J.K. Rowling in 1997, Luna Lovegood portrayed by Evanna Lynch made her for first credit appearance in order of the phoenix and stayed until the last film. She is considered to be a very quirky and unusual character often known for her peculiar behaviour because of this she was often teased during her stay at Hogwarts. Her strange behaviour didn’t stop Harry and the gang from becoming very fond of her. She seems very calm under pressure and doesn’t even seem phased by it. She is very popular among the Harry Potter community and rightly so.

For the Luna Lovegood costume, I will focus on the pink jack and quirky glasses version, she does have quite a few but this one stand out the most for me. I will leave links to all the items used to complete this costume along with information on the items quality as well.



Luna Lovegood costume glasses

Luna Lovegood costume glasses luna lovegood costume Luna Lovegood Costume Luna Lovegood costume glasses

Luna Lovegood costume glasses

I got the Luna Lovegood glass on amazon.  These are adult sized glasses that are more of a prop than real glasses as I don’t think they offer much UV protection. As for their appearance, they look almost identical to the glasses that Luna wears. The build quality seems pretty good for the most part. Overall a great pair of Luna like glasses for, perfect for the Luna Lovegood costume.

Luna Lovegood wool jacket

Luna lovegood tweed jacket luna lovegood costume Luna Lovegood Costume Luna lovegood tweed jacket 300x300

Luna Lovegood tweed jacket

The Luna Lovegood tweed jacket, I got on Etsy. The tweed jacket I got was sold out but I’ve managed to find one on Etsy. It’s not a perfect match but it’s pretty close if you ask me. I can’t comment on the quality but from what I’ve read from the reviews the seller seems to trustworthy and delivers quality products but please make your own judgement on that. I think, from the images, it looks like it would suit the Luna Lovegood costume.

Luna Lovegood wand

The Luna Lovegood wand, I found on amazon. The replica wand is made from resin with a dark wood like look to it. It measures roughly 14 inches long. Although the finish is nice, I would have liked it to be made from wood  but none the less, its still a beautiful piece. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter then I would suggest you should buy this regardless if it’s for the costume or not. Overall I think this is a very good wand, A must for the Luna Lovegood costume.

Blonde wig

For the blonde Wig, I got on amazon. Since I’m not naturally blonde, I’m going to need a blonde wig to complete the look of this costume. This a very affordable wig made from synthetic materials. I was very surprised by this, given how affordable it was. It looks very natural and feels pretty good as well. The wig didn’t fall off for me at all. I’ve much more expensive wigs in the past and they weren’t as good as this. Overall a fantastic wig, one that I defiantly recommend for the Luna Lovegood costume.

Floral dress

The floral dress she wears, I found on amazon. It was hard to find the exact replica of the dress she wears but the one I got is pretty close if you ask me but I will let you be the judge of that. As for the quality of the dress, I thought it was quite good. It is made from polyester and spandex, normally I don’t buy clothing items that are completely made from polyester as I’m not a fan but this was the exception. The material was light and very soft. The sizing was good for the most part. Overall a good dress, especially given the price.

Blue leggings

The blue leggings I got on amazon. Find the right colour for the leggings was again challenging as I had to return a few because the picture was shown wasn’t the same colour as what I got. These on the other hand, although not a perfect match do a good enough job and I really did not want to return another item. The sizing was good and they are very comfortable. I’ve seen some people say that they bleed, I haven’t experienced this yet so please take that into consideration before buying.

Purple boots

To put the final touches on the Luna Lovegood costume, we will need a pair of purple boots, I got mine on amazon. These are an amazing pair of boots. Very well made, very comfortable once broken in. You can tell they are made from high-quality materials. For the costume they are a small bit darker than I would like them to be but other than that, I think they are absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend these boots.