Lulu Cosplay

Lulu is mage character from the incredibly popular League of Legends game series. Created by Riot Games and released in 2012, Lulu is a fae sorceress, accompanied by a passive companion called Pix. Lulu is a support champion, disrupting the opposition using attacks such as glitter lance which slows the enemy down while dealing some damage. Whimsy, when used on allies gives a bonus on movement speed and when used on the enemy polymorphs and slows them down. Wild growth enlarges you targeted allied champion, given bonus health and an aura that slows enemies close by. A very powerful champion that can buff allies and control the battlefield.

There are a few lulu skins that toy can wear as a lulu costume. I will include all of them below and let you chose which one you want. All the Lulu costumes I pick will be the best price I can find on the market while still possessing a quality look and feel.



Wicked lulu cosplay

Wicked lulu cosplay lulu cosplay Lulu Cosplay Wicked lulu cosplay 285x300

Wicked lulu cosplay

The wicked Lulu cosplay piece, I acquired on Etsy. This is a custom made wicked lulu costume so please ensure you have supplied the correct measurements to avoid any delays. The costume is made from a uniform cloth. The wicked lulu outfit itself is very well made with lots of fine detail that really pay homage to the original outfit in the game. Overall a great wicked lulu outfit piece.

Bittersweet lulu cosplay


Bittersweet lulu costume lulu cosplay Lulu Cosplay Bittersweet lulu cosplay 225x300

Bittersweet lulu costume

For the Bittersweet Lulu costume, I found it on eBay. This is another custom made costume so supply the correct measurements. This bittersweet lulu outfit includes the dress, apron, bag, hat, bracelet and the rod. A very good bittersweet lulu cosplay with an abundance of accessories included.

Classic lulu cosplay

Classic lulu costume lulu cosplay Lulu Cosplay Classic lulu cosplay 300x260

Classic lulu costume

For the Classic Lulu cosplay, I got it from eBay. This is a costume I have not purchased, but I thought I would include it to finish of the set of lulu costume. It is priced relative to the rest of the lulu outfits mentioned above. From the reviews, it seems to be a great costume. If you do intend to purchase this, please leave a comment below on what you thought of if. I would be very interested to know and it would give other readers an insight to whether its good or not.