Lois Griffin Costume

Lois Griffin is a fictional character that appears in the animated tv series titled Family Guy. Created by Seth MacFarlane in 1999, Lois Griffin is the wife of peter Griffin and the mother of Chris, Meg and Stewie. One the surface she is a devoted housewife and caring mother but she posses some darker interests than peter that include Sadomasochism and loves to be in control. Family guy is one of the most popular animated series to date, having being nominated for 12 Primetime Emmy Awards It has received much praise from critics and viewers. In 2016 fourteen seasons have air with a fifteenth planned.

The Lois Griffin costume will be based on her outfit she almost always wears, with the green shirt and beige pants. I will leave links to all the items needed to put this costume together, I will also include information on the items quality as well.


Red wig

The Lois Griffin wig, I found on amazon. The wig is made from kanekalon, a synthetic made from acrylonitrile and vinyl chloride. It has an adjustable cap that will fit most reasonable sized heads. It’s not a perfect match to Lois but it did the job. It’s heat resistant which I like, which is also a sign it’s a good quality wig. Overall I would recommend this to anyone, I loved it.

Lois Griffin costume blue earrings

Lois Griffin costume blue earrings lois griffin costume Lois Griffin Costume Lois Griffin costume blue earrings

Lois Griffin costume blue earrings

The blue earrings, I found on amazon. They are made from stainless steel.  I wasn’t expecting much from these but I have to say they are great, really happy with them. I’ve never bought stainless steel earrings before but now I’m going to try more. Overall a fantastic pair of blue earrings, perfect for the Lois Griffin costume.

Green shirt

The Lois Griffin shirt, I found on amazon. The green shirt is made from cotton. I took a risk on this one as the reviews were not favorable. First off the sizing is horrible runs very small, had to order two sizes up. The and the quality was awful. I wore this for the costume and returned it. I would recommend you look elsewhere. If I find any I will link it here.

Beige pants 

The beige pants, I got on amazon. The beige pants are made of cotton and spandex. I’ve purchased many of Dickies clothing before and have never been disappointed and I’m not surprised to say that they are fantastic. They are quite comfortable to wear. The reviews offer a great insight into what size you choose, that’s how iI picked mine. Overall great pants, Dickies never leave me down with affordable quality products.

Wine flat shoes

The last item on the list for the Lois Griffin costume are the shoes. I went for a pair of wine colored flats.I couldn’t find an exact color match but I think these work quite well.  They are made from suede and have a rubber sole. They are a very well made shoe, the only fault I found was the sizing, as they run small. I would recommend you go up a size to what you normally wear. A great addition to the Lois Griffin costume.