Lightning Cosplay

Lightning is a playable character in the video game Final Fantasy XIII. Created and released by Square Enix in 2009. Is the main protagonist in Final Fantasy XIII. Lighting sets out to save her sister as she chosen by a group called Fal’Cie. The Fal’Cie are a legion that rules Gran Pulse. Lighting is the first character to appear in three separate Final Fantasies ( although they are still part of the xii world). Lighting wouldn’t be as popular as some of the other character in the Final Fantasy franchise, with the most notable characters being Cloud, Tidus and Squall. Nonetheless, Lighting is still A fantastic character, with her personality often being compared to that if Clouds from Final Fantasy VII.

The Lightning cosplay I will be focusing on will be from the first instalment. I will include links below to all the items used plus descriptions of the items as well.


Lightning cosplay outfit 

Lightning cosplay outfit lightning cosplay Lightning Cosplay Lighting cosplay outfit  186x300

Lighting cosplay outfit

For the Lightning cosplay, I went for a complete outfit that I found on amazon. The costume includes the vest, coat, skirt, belts, bag, gloves, cape, and come small accessories. it doesn’t come with the gun blade, boots or wig but I will link those underneath. The is made from an assortment of materials that include cotton, cloth and PU leather. The lighting costume itself is absolutely fantastic, especially for the price. The level of detail is very good and the amount of the accessories you are getting is amazing.  The only item I didn’t like where the gloves as I found them uncomfortable and cheap looking. Overall a fantastic Lightning cosplay, well worth the money in my opinion.


Lightning gun blade

Lightning gunblade lightning cosplay Lightning Cosplay Lighting gunblade 300x198

Lighting gun blade

I got the Lightning gun blade on amazon. It is made from steel which is nice to see as some of the props I have bought previously have been made from wood or plastic. It measures roughly 46 inches which are a nice size for a prop. The detail on the gun blade is good with just a small few discrepancies. Overall a good gun blade, perfect for the Lightning cosplay.

Lightning costume wig

Lightning costume wig lightning cosplay Lightning Cosplay Lighting costume wig 300x218

Lighting costume wig

I found a Lightning style wig on amazon. I personally didn’t get this one, I bought mine on Etsy but that seller is now gone. I can’t speak for the quality and there are no reviews to get an idea of how good the wig really is. You will have to take a chance on it if its bad then just return it. Good luck.

Lightning Boots

Lighting boots lightning cosplay Lightning Cosplay Lighting boots 211x300

Lighting boots

To put the final touches the Lightning cosplay, we are going to need the boots. I got a pair of Lightning style boots on Etsy. I saw boots similar to these listed on amazon for a crazy price, 2.5 times the price of the ones I found on Etsy. The boots on Etsy are custom made from PU leather and other various materials. For the price, these are defiantly worth the money. They fell comfortable to wear, I didn’t find any irritations while wearing them. Make sure you provide the correct measurements as it will delay your order. Overall a good pair of Lightning boots.