Leela Costume

Leela is a fictional character from the animated tv series titled “Futurama”. Created by Matt Groening in 1999. Leela is one of the main characters in the series and is the primary love interest of what would be considered the main character in Futurama, Philip J. Fry. She is the captain of a delivery ship called “Planet Express Ship“. She grew up in an orphanage because she was abandoned as a baby. it was at the orphanage where she met Fry. She is a very strong and competent character who demonstrates leadership qualities throughout the series.

Leela, throughout the series, has worn several costumes but for this article, we will focus on the most popular Leela costume, which the white top and black pants. I will add all the relevant information needed below, that includes links to the items and descriptions of the items.



Leela costume prosthetic one eye

Leela costume prosthetic one eye leela costume Leela Costume Leela costume prosthetic one eye

Leela costume prosthetic one eye

for the Leela costume prosthetic one eye, I managed to find on Etsy. The prosthetic eye is made from resin, ink and latex. Y out ask the seller you want it in the style like Leela. It is very well made with nice detail work and is quite affordable. This is probably the best one eye prosthetic you are going to find, a lot of them I found were very poor, with terrible reviews as well. I defiantly recommend this prosthetic.

White tank top

White tank top leela costume Leela Costume White tank top 206x300

White tank top

For the white tank top, I got on amazon.  A very nice tank top made from cotton, polyester and spandex. They are full back and not racer back. I would recommend you go up a size if you want a loose fit. For the price, I don’t think you can go wrong. It’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t shrink when washed. Overall good tank top, perfect for a Leela outfit.

Black pants 

Black pants leela costume Leela Costume Black pants

Black pants

The black pants that Leela wears, I got on amazon. It made from cotton, polyester and spandex. It has a 32-inch inseam.  These are mid rise pants with two back pockets. No front pockets. A very nice pair of pants that feel very comfortable that stretch to fit perfectly. There are a faux point that feels very soft. Overall I highly recommend these pants.

Leela costume wig

Leela costume wig leela costume Leela Costume Leela costume wig 300x228

Leela costume wig

For the Leela costume wig, I found on amazon. A great wig, I was worried that it would be 2 shiny and fake looking based on the pictures but, thankfully it wasn’t too shiny and looked quite realistic for a wig. The purple looks fantastic, very vibrant. The one negative I have is that it sheds a lot. Other than that I think its great, perfect for a Leela cosplay.

Grey Boots 

Grey boots leela costume Leela Costume Grey boots 242x300

Grey boots

The last piece of the Leela cosplay are the boots. I got these on amazon. I went for s grey snow boots as I think it closely matches the boots Leela uses. Very comfortable boots that keep you very warm. My new winter boots, I wear them everywhere. What I like about them is how light they are. I wasn’t expecting to use these beyond the Leela costume but am glad I got them. I defiantly recommend these boots, a must for any Leela costume.