Lara Croft Costume

Lara Croft is back and looks as bad ass as ever in the second iteration of the reboot franchise. I have personally been a fan of Lara since the classic play station one game. Before the reboot, the franchise lost its way with some quite poor tomb raiders but I think the series has revived itself and is ready to pose some serious competition to the likes of uncharted. Being a ps4 owner, it makes me little sad to hear we will have to wait a year to play the newest version but is understandable as if play station had this game it would hurt Xbox tremulously as uncharted is a ps4 exclusive.

Unlike the old Tomb Raiders, Lara goes for a more conservative costume in her new outing Rise of the Tomb Raider. There is several Lara Croft costume within this game, I will likely add or create a new costume article for the others. This Lara croft costume was quite easy to put together. I found most of the pieces of clothing with some minor changes due to cost. I have made a list below if all the items you need with links as well.



Laura Croft Bow

Lara Croft costume Long Bow lara croft costume Lara Croft Costume bow 225x300

Lara Croft costume Long Bow

For the Lara Croft costume style bow, I had originally gone with a standard bow but after close inspection, I think a long bow would suit the costume better as most of the standard bows were too small. The bow I found looks fantastic and really compliments the costume nicely. The only downside is the price as it is not cheap but bows aren’t cheap to begin with.


For the quiver I wanted it to be leather, keeping in tone with the costume. A lot of the quivers I found were plastic, designed for the more modern bow. After a bit of searching, I think I’ve found the best fit for the costume. It is a dark brown leather with a beautiful light brown slip on the top. It looks amazing for the price.



The arrows I wanted for this costume had to be wooden and had to have a white feather on the top of the arrow to be truly representative of a laura croft costume. I managed to find a set of 12 that met my criteria. They are 28inches long so they will nicely hang out of the 18-inch quiver.

Grey Scarf

The scarf Lara uses is a basic grey scarf with no detail on it so it should be hard to find one. You might have one at home which is great as you save some money. If you dot have one at home, I found a fairly cheap one on amazon for you.

Military Olive Drab Jacket 

Lara Croft costume jacket was hard to find an exact match. The jacket she uses ls looks light. The colour I can only assume is olive drab. I found one on amazon that fits the bill. Is light and in the same colour, like Lara Croft costume but the only problem is it has detail around the chest and shoulders. Other than the detail the jacket looks great.

Brown Belt

Lara has a brown belt that runs just above her waist. The brown belt looks fairly basic with no detail on it so a brown belt in your collection a home might do. If you don’t have one, I have left a link below t one that looks good.

Brown Weapon Holster

Brown weapon holster lara croft costume Lara Croft Costume Brown weapon holster 300x300

For the weapon holster, I found a beautiful handmade version on Etsy.  This will attach to the brown belt.

Desert Sand Cargo Trousers

The trousers, I went for a desert sand colour although beige colour would work also. Cargo trousers work well or this costume or a hiking trousers as they have they required pockets and it is a tiger fit bit either one works fine.

Brown inch Heel Brown Leather Boots

For this Lara croft costume, she wears a pair of brown boots. The boots she uses has about an inch heel as well. The boots I choose are a steve madden bounty boot as they look fantastic and fit the costume nicely and also they are stylish enough to be worn again for a night out with the ladies.

Lara Croft Necklace

Lara Croft necklace lara croft costume Lara Croft Costume Lara Croft necklace 300x292

Lara Croft necklace

Lara wears a green necklace for this costume. I found a seller on Etsy who makes these. Really great quality and very true to what Lara wears.



lara croft costume revolver lara croft costume Lara Croft Costume revolver 300x120

Lara croft costume revolver

For the revolver, I couldn’t find one that was made specifically for Lara croft so I went with the closest match, the indinana jones revolver is very similar to what Lara uses and it looks great.

Pistol Ammo Pouches

On the back of Lara’s belt, she has two pouches attached on the right side. These are ammo pouches for her gun. I found a nice leather pouch that is cheap and looks great. They have a clip on the back that will clip on the belt which makes it great.



Tactical knife & sheath lara croft costume Lara Croft Costume Tactical knife sheath 300x133


For the tactical knife, I tried to find a prop version but there wasn’t one available that was in good condition so I left out as I didn’t want to be carrying around a lethal weapon. As for the sheath, it was very well made and good so good with the Lara Croft costume.

Red Ice Axe 

The red ice axe she uses, I would consider an optional extra and I would only use it on private parties as it is a real ice axe which can be very dangerous. The ice axe does make the costume look very cool, though. The one I found is quite expensive as well.