Kingpin Costume

Kingpin is a fictional character that appears in the Marvel Universe. Developed by Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr. in 1967. Wilson Fisk or who is commonly known as Kingpin is a crime boss. His fascination with political science and applying it to the organization of criminal syndicates earned him the title of Kingpin of crime. Kingpin not only enjoys the political side but takes pleasure in the physical side as well. His large frame and brute strength make him a worthy advisory within the Marvel universe. He has appeared in several comics such as Spiderman and Daredevil, including the hit Tv series by Netflix titled “Daredevil”.

For the Kingpin costume, we will be focusing on the traditional look of the Kingpin, this will include the white blazer and cane. I will add all the necessary items need to put this Wilson Fisk costume together below, followed by information the in the quality of the products used.

Kingpin costume white blazer white blazer

The Kingpin costume white blazer white blazer can be found on Amazon. The blazer is made by Nautica. It is comprised mainly of cotton with some polyester as well. It can only be dry cleaned. There are nine different sizes available to accommodate a range of body types. It has two front pockets and is a two Button closure. It also has a side vent as well.

Kingpin yellow vest

Kingpin yellow vest is on the Amazon store. This is a very affordable vest made by Guytalk with a vast array of sizes to choose from. It is made from a microfibres material, they don’t say what this material is, though. It has two front pockets. It is positively received in the amazon reviews but they do say it runs small so get a size bigger than what you would normally wear.

Blue shirt

The blue shirt is available on Amazon. The shirt is made by Lee and it is comprised mainly of cotton and polyester. It has one front pocket located on the chest. There are four sizes available as well. The shirt is reasonable priced and has been received well.

Kingpin Burgundy pants

Kingpin Burgundy pants can be found on Amazon. It is made by Hagger clothing. The pants are made from cotton and recycled polyester. It has two from pockets and two rear pockets and a zip fly closure.

Kingpin costume prop cigar

Kingpin costume prop cigar kingpin costume Kingpin Costume Kingpin costume prop cigar 289x300

Kingpin costume prop cigar

Kingpin prop cigar is available on the Amazon. The cigar is made of cardboard with a brown wrapper. It comes in at 4.5 inches long. The reviews on amazon are positive with many happy with what they got for the money.

Kingpin cane

The last element to the Kingpin costume is the cane. This is a walking cane with a silver-tone cap. The cap is made from plastic. The shaft is made from wood and measures 36 inches in length.