Kim Possible Costume

Kim Possible is a fictional animated character that stars in Disney’s “Kim Possible”. Created by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle in 2002, Kim Possible is a young girl who fights crime with her dorky sidekick Ron Stoppable. Together they try to defeat enemies that threaten the world, all while battling the high school life and the struggles it brings. They also have an intelligent mole rat named Rufus who makes the cool gadgets used by Kim Possible. The series ran for five years on the Disney Channel with a total of 87 episodes and two feature films.

The Kim Possible costume we will be going through will based around her crime fighting outfit. I will leave links underneath to the items used to make this costume followed by descriptions on the items.


Kim Possible costume wig

Kim Possible costume wig Kim Possible Costume Kim Possible Costume Kim Possible costume wig

Kim Possible costume wig

The Kim Possible costume wig, I found on amazon. The page doesn’t really say much on what its made from, it feels ok for the most part, defiantly not the best wig but the not worst either. I was very happy with the length and the thickness of it. The cap was a bit small for my liking, although it never fell off while I was using it. Overall a good wig but the not best wig I’ve purchased.

Black crop top

The black crop top, I got on amazon. The crop top is made from mostly rayon with some spandex. I’ve purchased rayon made clothes before and I’ve been happy with it. It’s quite soft but also very stretchy as well. There is an ample selection of sizes to choose from and they are fairly accurate if you know your size. I loved this crop top, it was very comfortable, I will say if you want it loose order a size up or order two sizes and return the one you don’t want, that’s what I did. Overall a great crop top that I would defiantly recommend to anyone, great price as well.

Khaki green cargo pants

For the green pants, she wears, I went for khaki green cargo pants, I got this on amazon. The pants are made of cotton, polyester, and elastane. These are a great pair of cargo pants, they are very comfortable and the fabric feels great, my only gripe with it is that the sizing is completely off, they run very small, two even three sizes too small. If you get the sizes right, then you won’t be disappointed. Overall great cargo pants for the Kim Possible costume.

Black gloves

The black gloves, I got on amazon. The gloves are made from genuine leather. There are several sizes to choose from and the sizes are quite accurate. I liked these gloves, at first, given the price, I thought it might be faux leather but now that I have them, they are defiantly made from real leather. They are made very well and feel comfortable. I think these are perfect for the Kim Possible costume.

Brown tactical belt

The tactical belt she wears I got on amazon. This is a very well made tactical belt, very durable, I can see this lasting a very long time. it suited the costume nicely. I would recommend this.

Black boots

To put the finishing touches on the Kim Possible costume we are going to need a pair of black boots, which I got on amazon.  I went for a lace up military style boot as I think it matches the personality of Kim Possible.  The boots were good value and fitted perfectly. The zipper opens and closes perfectly as well. Overall a good pair of brown boots that suit the Kim Possible costume.