Katara Cosplay

Katara is a character from the tv series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Created by Micheal Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko in the mid-2000’s, Katara is a young girl with the ability to manipulate water and ice. She and her brother help Aang to defeat the evil fire nation and allow the world to sustain peace and harmony. Throughout the series, she defeats many foes earning her the honourable title of master of water bender.

There are two katara cosplay outfits, they are the traditional blue and robe and the fire nation cosplay outfit. I will include both to give you a choice. The katara outfits that will list below will be best and most affordable costumes that are available for sale. I will also add a description on why I chose them.


Traditional custom made katara cosplay 

Traditional custom made katara cosplay katara cosplay Katara Cosplay Traditional custom made katara cosplay  158x300

Traditional custom made katara cosplay

For the Katara costume, I went with a version I found on Etsy. This is a beautiful handmade costume made from high-quality materials. The costume arrived quite fast which I was surprised considering its a custom made costume. For the price, this is a great Katara costume. Make sure you provide the correct measurement to ensure the best fit.

Fire nation katara cosplay

Fire nation katara cosplay katara cosplay Katara Cosplay Fire nation katara cosplay 284x300

Fire nation katara cosplay

The fire nation version of the Katara cosplay, I did not purchase this but I wanted to include it so you have options. This is more expensive than the Traditional Katara costume above. If you do purchase this costume please leave a comment below on what you thought of it and if it’s worth recommending.

Optional black wig 

I have included the wig as an optional extra as the katara costume is fine without it but it you wanted to take it that step further then the wig would be great. You will have to braid it yourself but that’s not difficult if you use a reference picture of Katara.

Grey slip on flats

The final touches for this Katara costume are the shoes. I got these on amazon. I found these to be a fairly comfortable shoe. I  did read in the reviews that some found them uncomfortable due to a faulty seem or rubber poking out but I never experienced this. For they were great with the Katara costume.