Jules Winnfield Costume

Jules Winnfield is a fictional character that stars in in the cult film called “Pulp Fiction”. Created by Quentin Tarantino and published by Miramax films in 1994. Jules Winnfield is a hitman for hire who works for crime boss Marsellus Wallace, a man who is famous for throwing a man off a balcony for giving his wife a foot massage. Jules and his partner Vincent Vega are tasked with retrieving a valuable briefcase. Jules, before he kills his victims, recites a passage from the bible that is now synonymous with his character.  Jules as a moment of clarity during the events of the film  and decides to  leave behind his old life and instead to “walk the earth”

The Jules Winnfield costume will include both the black suit and the dinner costume. I will add all the information needed below, that will include links to the items and information on those items.



Black Suit 

For the black suit, I found on Amazon. I actually did not buy this as I used a black suit I had purchased locally If you have a black suit stashed away in your wardrobe then use that and save some money. For those who you who don’t have a black suit, the one I found on Amazon that has great reviews.

Black Tie

For the Black Tie, I  got on amazon. I did need to get a new black tie for my suit as the one I already owned was quite old. I didn’t go for anything fancy as I was in a hurry and needed a tie fast. I picked this purely based the reviews. I have to say its a very nice tie for the price. I wouldn’t call this a skinny tie, it just seems like a normal tie. Nothing much more to say about it. It did the job I needed it to do. Overall good black tie worth the asking price and perfect for the Jules Winnfield costume.

Jules Winnfield costume Wig

Jules Winnfield costume Wig Jules Winnfield Costume Jules Winnfield Costume Jules Winnfield costume Wig 219x300

Jules Winnfield costume Wig

The Jules Winnfield costume wig, I got on amazon.  The wig is made from synthetic fibres known as Polypropylene that feels quite good.what bothered me was the colour as it has a reddish tint to it, I was under the assumption that it was completely brown. I wore the wig for about five hours and found it very comfortable with no irritation. Overall a good quality wig and for the price, I don’t think you can go wrong.

Jules Winnfield style Gun 

For the gun, I tried to find a prop similar to the gun used by Jules in the film but I couldn’t find one. I had bought guns similar to his a while back for another costume and decided to use that. The gun is well made, though the price might put some people off.

Black Shoes

To put the final touches on the Jules Winnfield costume, I  got a pair of formal shoes on amazon. A great dress shoe in my opinion. If you already have a pair of black dress shoes then go with them and save urself some money. If you don’t have any then these are great. Quite comfortable, coming from someone who hates these types of shoes, I much prefer trainers any day :). One of the reviews said that there was a bad chemical smell, I personally didn’t get that.



Bad Mother fucker wallet

For the Jules Winfield wallet, I got on Amazon. it’s a pretty good wallet, the print on is good for the most part with some small discrepancies but it’s not that noticeable. The Jules Winnfield costume is not complete without this.

Jules Winnfield t-shirt

The t-shirt that Jules Winnfield wears, I got on amazon. It is made completely from cotton. The print looks great and it is done very well, no blemishes. The t-shirt was quite comfortable to wear, I personally had no problems with it. It looks pretty much like the shirt Jules wears in the film. Overall I’m very happy with it and will be wearing it outside of the costume as well.

Jules Winnfield Wig

This is the same wig I mentioned above.

Mutton chops



Unless you can grow some mutton chops, you are going to need them to complete the look of the costume. I got mine on amazon. They are made from a syntactic material, according to the sellers page. I have to say these were very good, especially for how cheap they are. I wore mine for about four hours and they stayed on, without any problems. Some people trimmed there but I left mine. Now they aren’t an exact match to Jules but nothing really is, as they are real. Overall a great product, can’t go wrong for the Jules Winnfield costume.

Jules Winnfield necklace

The Jules Winnfield necklace, I found on amazon. The necklace is made from brass that is then gold plated. I thought the necklace was great, nice size as well. My only problem with it is the chain, it is very flimsy. It didn’t break for me but I’ve read some of the reviews and it broke for them. Overall a good necklace but a poor chain.

Jules Winnfield gold watch

The Jules Winnfield gold watch, I found on amazon. I didn’t get this as I already had an old gold watch and just used that. I’ll let you judge this one but from what I’ve rad from the reviews it seems to be a good watch for the price.

Red shorts 

The red shorts, I got on amazon. These are made from 100% cotton which is what I always look for. They come out of the wash with no bleed or fade what so ever. Very comfortable pair of shorts, going to order a few more pairs for the summer. I would defiantly recommend these for the Jules Winnfield costume.