John Bender Costume

John Bender is a fictional character that stars in the comedy film “The Breakfast Club”. Created by John Hughes in 1985, John Bender is a body boy who is reckless and doesn’t care what people’s opinions are of him. His careless attitude and criminal tendencies stem from his broken childhood. He plays the antagonist in the breakfast club, who serves detention with the other main characters and begin to realise they are very similar personalities. The breakfast club was a resounding success with the audience and received praise from critics. It is considered the greatest high school film of all time.

The John Bender costume is very easy to put together as it doesn’t require specialty clothing. I will leave links to al the item used to put this costume together along with descriptions that detail the items quality and fit in the costume.



Denim jacket

John Bender costume denim jacket John Bender Costume John Bender Costume John Bender costume denim jacket

John Bender costume denim jacket

The john bender costume denim jacket, I found on amazon. I must admit I’ve had a denim jacket before so I didn’t know what brands are good, I’ve owned a fair few pairs of wrangler jeans in the past and they have always been great quality so I bit the bullet and ordered a Wrangler denim jacket, the reviews were very positive which are always a plus. The denim jacket is made complete from cotton and they have an ample section of sizes to choose from. As for the jacket, Wrangler doesn’t disappoint, it feels high quality, the sizing was on point. Overall I would defiantly recommend this denim jacket.

Red shirt

The red shirt, worn in the John Bender costume, I got on amazon.  I went for a plaid shirt as it was the closest fit to what is used in the John Bender costume. The shirt is made from cotton. The red on the shirt is a little brighter than I would like it to have been but it did the job. The quality of the shirt is ok, not the best shirt I bought. It runs small so I could suggest you order a size up. Overall an ok shirt for the John Bender cosplay.

White t-shirt

The white t-shirt, I got on amazon. I went for an affordable white t-shirt rather than picked a popular brand name as I kind of wanted to see the differences. The t-shirt I bought came in a packet of six. The shirt is made from cotton which is a must for me, as I am not a huge fan of polyester shirts. Considering the price and the fact that you are getting six in a pack, I think this is tremendous value. The shirt feels well made and comfortable to wear. If you get the right size there not boxy look which I hate. Overall, a good white shirt.

Grey pants

The grey pants, I went for one of my favourite brands, Dickies. I went for the charcoal colour tone. The pants are made from polyester and a blend of cotton. First off these run a little small so order a size bigger. I’ve bought quite a few pairs of Dickies pants before and they are always good and this pair is not different. Very comfortable pair of pants. They are a light pair of pants, a bit thinner than jeans. Overall, aside from the sizing issue they are great.

Black Boots

The piece to the John Bender cosplay are the black boots. These boots are made from a combination of leather and fabric with a rubber sole. These boots are a lot lighter than I thought they would be and it doesn’t affect their quality and ruggedness in any way. Fantastic quality. They fitted perfectly. I highly recommend these boots.