Joe Dirt Costume

Joe Dirt is a fictional character that appears in the comedy film titled “Joe Dirt”. Developed by David Spade and Fred Wolf in 2001. Joe Dirt is a poor man who hasn’t found success in his life, he works as a cleaner at a Los Angles radio station and lives in the basement of the radio station. Joe was abandoned by his parent at a very young age. He decides to set out and find answers about his parent and were they are. Along his journey we see the better qualities that Joe has as he meets new friends along the way.

The Joe Dirt costume will be based around the red sleeveless shirt as it is the most well known Joe Dirt costume. I will add the links underneath along with informative information on the piece of clothing used.

Joe Dirt Costume Breakdown

  1. Red/White Plaid shirt
  2. Jeans
  3. Joe dirt wig
  4. Old shoes


Red/White Plaid shirt 

Red:White Plaid shirt joe dirt costume Joe Dirt Costume RedWhite Plaid shirt 268x300

Red: White Plaid shirt

For the Joe Dirt costume shirt, I got on amazon. I went for a red/white plaid checked shirt. The only one I could find had long sleeves so I cut the sleeves off to match the Joe Dirt look. The shirt itself is made from both cotton and polyester. The quality is very good and when I cut the sleeves off, it looked very much like the Joe Dirt Shirt. I’m even considering buying one for myself for casual wear but not cut the sleeves off hahaha.? Overall a great quality shirt that I personally recommend.


Jeans joe dirt costume Joe Dirt Costume Jeans


For the Jeans, I found them on amazon. The jeans are comprised of 100% cotton. A fantastic pair of jeans, probably one of the best I’ve purchased in a long time.  The fit very well and the quality is second to none. Being that they are made completely from cotton, the are extremely comfortable.I was surprised as I had not heard from this brand before so I wasn’t expecting much. I highly recommend this pair of jeans.

Joe dirt costume wig

Joe dirt costume wig joe dirt costume Joe Dirt Costume Joe dirt costume wig

Joe dirt costume wig

For the Joe Dirt costume Wig, I acquired it on amazon. A good Joe Dirt wig but not the best wig I have bought. It looks like the wig advertised which was great (you would be surprised the amount of items I’ve purchased that look nothing like the advertised image). The hair fibres look and feel synthetic but it was fairly comfortable to wear for a few hours.


For the shoes, I went with an old pair of runners I had lying around. I didn’t see the point in buying a new pair, used to dirty them up since he uses old runners in the film. Save your money and use an old pair, (preferably white) you have lying around the house.