Jessica Rabbit Costume

Jessica Rabbit Costume

Jessica Rabbit is a female character in the Roger Rabbit franchise. Created by Kathleen Turner and Amy Irving in the late 1980’s, Jessica Rabbit appears in Who Censored Roger Rabbit and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. She is most notably known for being Roger Rabbits wife. Jessica Rabbit is considered a sex symbol in animation, with her seductive appearance and all too revealing choice of clothing. Jessica Rabbit look is based around Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake.

The Jessica Rabbit costume we will be focusing on will be from the who framed roger rabbit film. The Jessica Rabbit costume hasn’t changed since she was first introduced. I have found the best possible price below for all the items you need to put this Jessica Rabbit outfit.

Complete Jessica rabbit costume

For the Jessica Rabbit costume, I found an outfit on amazon. The costume is made completely of polyester. This is a great Jessica rabbit costume with only a few minor complaints. The cup size I read the reviews where too small and I would total agree. The rest of the costume fits very well, but I read some said it was big. The colour looks fantastic, so vibrant. I think this is a great costume, especially if you can get this at a discount.

Jessica rabbit shoes

Jessica rabbit shoes jessica rabbit costume Jessica Rabbit Costume Jessica rabbit shoes 300x280The shoes, I choose where from a seller on Etsy. They are described as jazz sexy pink which I would agree, very sparkly. A 6-inch heel size which you would expect from a Jessica rabbit look. I haven’t personally had any problems with the glitter material falling off its quite firmly in place. These cost quite a lot, but I believe they are worth it.

Jessica rabbit red wig 

Jessica rabbit red wig jessica rabbit costume Jessica Rabbit Costume Jessica rabbit red wigTo finish the Jessica rabbit costume, we are going to need the infamous Jessica Jones style red hair. To replicate this, I went with a wig I found on Etsy. The wig is constructed from a synthetic material. The wig itself looks fantastic, very vibrant. Overall a quality product from a great seller in my opinion.