Jason Bourne Costume

Jason Bourne is a fictional character that appears in the action packed Bourne film series. Created by Doug Liman in 2002, Jason Bourne is a trained assassin who wakes up on a ship in the Mediterranean Sea. The injuries he sustained has cause him to suffer form extreme memory loss. He sets out to find information on who he is. The films success spawned several films, where we delve deeper into the life of Jason Bourne. The film deviates in its fourth instalment and focusses on a different protagonist. The Bourne films have been received well by audiences and critics, with praise for its realism.

For the Jason Bourne costume we will stick with the costume from the first film. I will add links underneath to all the items used to bring this costume together along with informative descriptions on the products quality and inform you of any products that I deem unworthy.



Jason Bourne costume black pea coat

Jason Bourne costume black pea coat Jason Bourne Costume Jason Bourne Costume Jason Bourne costume black pea coat

Jason Bourne costume black pea coat

A beautiful black winter coat, made from polyester. This is a single breasted coat with two button enclosure. A very affordable coat if you ask me. Not only are you getting the Jason Bourne costume look your also getting a very nice coat you can easily wear through the winter. The reviews are positive on this as well.

Black wool jumper 

For the black wool jumper he wears, I found it on amazon.  This is a fruit of the loom black jumper, made mostly from cotton, depending on the colour you choose ( black is 60% cotton). There are lots of sizes to choose from and it seems the sizes are true as well. As they are high in cotton, makes them very lightweight to wear.

Black jeans

The brand chosen for the jeans was Dickies, as they always have positive reviews and seem to deliver high-quality products at very affordable prices. This pair of black jeans is made from cotton and have a good selection of sizes available, with the sizing being true. The jeans can be machine washed as well.

Black shoes

The final piece to the Jason Bourne costume are the shoes. I picked out a pair of black reebok’s as I felt they were a good fit for the costume. They are made from a synthetic material ( doesn’t say what that material is though) with a rubber sole. They have a beveled heel to reduce force while walking and running. The also have an oil slip resistant outsole.