Iron Man Costume

Iron Man is a superhero from the marvel world. Developed by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck and Jack Kirby in the mid-1960’s, iron man is born from the genius billionaire playboy Tony Stark, who was held captive and made to work on weapons that could cause major destruction. During his capture Tony Stark sustained a critical chest injury and instead of making deadly weapons, he constructed a suit of armour that saved his life and allowing him to escape. He later created a much more redefined version of the suit equipped with weapons and hi- tech gadgets to protect the world from evil. Tony Stark concealed his identity by using the name iron man.

The iron man costume we will be focusing will be based around the films, portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.


Full Iron Man Costume for adults

Full iron man costume for adults iron man costume Iron Man Costume Full iron man costume for adults

Full iron man costume for adults

For the Iron Man costume, I found a version for sale on eBay. The Iron Man costume is made from a durable plastic. Everything is included in the costume so you don’t need to buy any extra accessories which I like. The costume was relatively comfortable with some nice detail. I think its worth the price, considering how much is to this costume.


Full iron man costumes expensive

Full iron man cosplay expenisve iron man costume Iron Man Costume Full iron man costume expenisve

Full iron man cosplay expensive

I thought I would include this, though not sure how many people can afford this. The Ironman cosplay is made from ABS plastics and fibreglass, so you would assume it is very light. I did not purchase this so I cannot give my opinion on it. They provide a video of the iron man costume in action, which I will leave a link below. If you do purchase it lets us know!!

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