Hawkeye Costume

Hawkeye is a superhero character that originates from the marvel comics. Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck, in the mid-1960’s, Hawkeye is a lethal archer and the world greatest marksman. Hawkeye is one of the founding members of the avengers. Hawkeye was originally a villain when first introduced in tales of suspense.

The hawkeye costume broken down in this article will primarily focus on the out from the Avengers films. This costume was very easy to put together as there are loads of full set hawkeye costumes for sale. The only thing not included are the bow, quiver arrows and boots. I have included links below to all of these items.


Full Hawkeye Costume

Full Hawkeye Costume hawkeye costume Hawkeye Costume Full Hawkeye Costume 300x249

Full Hawkeye Costume

This hawkeye costume wasn’t that hard to put together as there are plenty of full hawkeye costumes for sale. When I come across these costume I always choose them over buying elements separate only if the price is right. I will also go for these full costumes if it is particularly unique. What I mean by unique is the jacket is custom made with custom designs for hawkeye and not a jacket sold by a brand.

Hawkeye Replica Bow

Hawkeye Replica Bow hawkeye costume Hawkeye Costume Hawkeye Replica Bow 300x284

Hawkeye Replica Bow

The full hawkeye costume unfortunately, does not come with a bow or a quiver, but I did manage to find a replica hawkeye bow on eBay. The bow looks fantastic and does include the quiver and arrows. The bow is a custom made piece so don’t expect it to be cheap.

Replica handmade hawkeye shoes

replica handmade hawkeye shoes hawkeye costume Hawkeye Costume replica handmade hawkeye shoes 212x300

replica handmade hawkeye shoes

For the footwear, I found  a pair of replica custom made hawkeye shoes on eBay. They look absolutely fantastic with the full costume I chose.

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