Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn is a villain in the dc world. Created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, Harley Quinn first made her appearance as joker’s accomplice. she was swoon over joker, regardless of his violent and psychotic tendencies. The Joker showed very little affection to her, but her loyalty stayed strong. Harley Quinn forcibly joins the Suicide Squad, caring out tasks enforced by the government and Rick Flag.

The Harley Quinn costume we will be focusing on will be from the newest film that she features in, the Suicide Squad. In the suicide squad, she is portrayed by Margot Robbie. Both Harley Quinn costumes below are quite different from each other, with both of them being roughly around the same price. It just comes down to which one you ultimately prefer.


Harley Quinn Costume Breakdown

  1. Full harley quinn costume
  2. harley quinn boots

Full Harley Quinn Costume 

This Harley Quinn costume is based around the batman video games, particularly Arkham City. The costume includes most of most of the items needed with the exception of the boots which I will provide a link to a pair below. The belt included was very cheap looking so I would suggest you find an alternative. The costume itself is great and very conformable. It’s a great affordable Halloween costume in my opinion.



Suicide squad Harley Quinn jacket

The Harley Quinn costume style jacket I found on amazon. The jacket is well made and fit great. The detail on the jacket is amazing especially the text on the back of the jacket.

Suicide squad Harley Quinn costume spandex

Suicide squad harley quinn costume spandex harley quinn costume Harley Quinn Costume Suicide squad harley quinn spandex 190x300

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costume spandex

For the spandex she wears I went with a custom made piece on Etsy. The best thing I love about Etsy is that a lot of the items listed are willing to make adjustments you would like such as this piece, the seller will make the inseam longer. The material used is nylon spandex. This spandex was very well made a lot better than those being sold on amazon. Make sure you provide the seller with the correct measurements.

Suicide squad Harley Quinn t-shirt

For the t-shirt, I went with one I found on amazon and well its great. It’s very like the picture they advertise with. It feels very comfortable and the measurements are fairly accurate. The price is great as well.

Suicide squad Harley Quinn gloves

The Harley Quinn cosplay style gloves I also found on amazon. The quality of the gloves are great my only gripe for what I can only assume is a women’s glove they are very big. If you have small hand then they might be unwearable. The product is being shipped from Singapore so I was expecting to wait quite a while, but they arrived within two weeks.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn pudding neck collar 

For neck collar, I found one amazon that looks absolutely amazing. The belt was a bit stiff when I first got so you might want to break it in. Very fast shipping as well which is always a plus. For the lettering detail, I saw no flaws or imperfections. I don’t think you can find a better version of this collar for sale online.

Suicide squad Harley Quinn high heel boots

For the Harley Quinn costume style high heel boots I wasn’t expecting to find a pair as they are a custom piece but to my surprise I did and they are fantastic. If you plan on ordering these make sure you get your measurement correct as if you don’t they will be very uncomfortable.

Suicide squad Harley Quinn wig

I have included this Harley Quinn costume style wig I found on amazon. The wig looks very similar to the picture advertise. It looks good and the hair density is good also.

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