Hancock Costume

Hancock is a fictional superhero that appears in the film called “Hancock”. Developed by Vince Gillian and Vincent Ngo in 2008. Hancock isn’t your typical run of the mill superhero, yes he has many superhero traits that are similar to Superman and his intentions to do good are there but unlike other superhero’s, Hancock is an alcoholic. He is usually intoxicated when he tries to do good but instead causes more chaos and destruction than before. Hancock received mixed reviews from critics, citing poor execution and narrative. Despite the mixed reviews, Hancock did very well at the box office.

The Hancock costume we will be showing you how to put together will be the superhero costume he wears throughout the film. I will leave links below to all the products used to complete this costume along with information on the item quality as well.



Hancock jacket

The Hancock jacket I found on amazon. The jacket is made from faux leather and as an ample selection of sizes to choose from that accommodate both men, women, and children. The jacket has the signature yellow, grey, and black stripes that run across the chest. The yellow stripe continues down the side of the jacket. It is a form fitted jacket. I thought it was a stylish well-made jacket, I’m quite happy with my purchase.

Hancock style pants

The Hancock style pants, I found on amazon. The pants are made completely from polyester. It features yellow lines that run down the outside leg on either side which matches the style of the Hancock costume. It also has an outside zipper on either side at the bottom of the pants.  The material is very light and comfortable to wear. The sizing seemed fairly accurate and you should have any problems ordering your correct size. The pockets are deep as well. Overall I’m happy with my purchase for the Hancock costume.

Hancock sunglasses

Hancock costume sunglasses Hancock Costume Hancock Costume Hancock costume sunglasses

Hancock costume sunglasses

For the Hancock sunglasses, I got on amazon. I went for the matte black, polarvue grey option. I bought these mainly for the Hancock costume as I usually prefer aviators. Along with looking great with the costume, they do a great job at blocking excessive sunlight. I don’t wear prescriptions glasses so I don’t know how they will work, I would suggest reading the reviews as I see some mention it. Overall a good pair of sunglasses that did what I wanted them to do.

Black shoes

The last piece of the Hancock costume are the shoes, for these, I got on amazon. I went for a pair of black shoes that are aimed towards runners. I chose these over a pair of boots as I wanted something comfortable to wear. As for the shoes themselves, they are light, comfortable and very affordable. My only con to these is the fact that they are not very breathable and tend to smell compare to other shoes but other than that I thought they were fantastic and would recommend them.