Halo Costume

Halo is a science fiction based video game, created by Bungie and produced by Microsoft in early 2000’s. The story of Halo centres around a celestial war between humans and a group of aliens known as The Covenant. The protagonist, Master Chief are sent to eradicate this alien colony and bring peace back to the galaxy. Halo has garnered huge praise within the helms of first person shooters. Halo broke many records with its sales and has amassed a huge cult following since its inception. Since Bungie parted ways with Microsoft, 343 industries have taken over the development of the halo franchise.

When someone says halo costume we can assume you are talking about the infamous Master Chief halo costume. I will include the halo costume below along with the weapons as well. I will also include a female version of the halo costume.

Halo full costume adult

For the Halo costume I choose a version I found on amazon. This halo costume was ok not exceptional about it. It is made up of polyester. The halo costume includes the helmet and the armor suit. It does not include the gun, gloves and boots. I will include them below. This was the best halo costume I could find that was affordable and still had enough quality to warrant a purchase.

*Update* after looking for a better halo cosplay, I came across this on amazon, I have not purchased this but based on the reviews it seems like a much better halo costume

halo replica style gun

Halo replica style gun halo costume Halo Costume Halo replica style gun 300x215

Halo replica style gun

For the Halo style gun, I found a replica that was being custom made and sold on Etsy. This is a beautifully crafted halo gun that oozes in classes. The detail work is fantastic and the finish. It might be a little pricey for some but if you can afford this, then it’s a must purchase for any halo costume you decide to make.

Halo gloves

For the Halo gloves, because it doesn’t come with gloves I choose a pair I found on amazon. These just like the halo costume above are made from the same material. The detail on the gloves are pretty good and they feel pretty comfortable. For the price, they are worth it but I think these should have been included within the halo costume as it would have saved on delivery costs.

Black Boots 

For the boots, I went with black boots that go above the ankle. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to black boots as they are fairly common.

Black Boots Halo style boot covers

For the boots I went with the halo boot covers I got on amazon. This slip over your boots, pretty self-explanatory. They look very good