Grunkle Stan Cosplay

Grunkle Stan is a fictional character that resides in the animated world of “Gravity Falls”. Developed by Alex Hirsch in 2012. Grunkle Stan is a shady character who after numerous years of criminal activity, he settles down where he exploits the local area of Gravity Falls by conning tourist in what is known as the Mystery Shack. He is the great uncle of Dipper Pines who are sent to stay with him over the summer. The series was revised well among critics and was nominated for several awards.

The Grunkle Stan cosplay we will be showing you how to put together in this article will be the black suit he most often wears. I will leave links below to all the products used to make this cosplay along with information on the products as well.


Grunkle Stan cosplay black Suit 

Grunkle Stan cosplay black suit Grunkle Stan Cosplay Grunkle Stan Cosplay Grunkle Stan cosplay black suit

Grunkle Stan cosplay black suit

For the black suit, I found on Amazon. I actually did not buy this as I used a black suit I had purchased locally If you have a black suit stashed away in your wardrobe then use that and save some money. For those who you who don’t have a black suit, the one I found on Amazon that has great reviews.

White shirt

For the white shirt, I got on amazon. The shirt is made from polyester and cotton. The shirt is made quite well. When I bought this I was in a rush so I bought based on the reviews and I’m glad I didn’t have to return it. My only gripe is that the fabric is quite thin, other than that I thought the shirt was good, looks nice with the black suit.

Grey face paint

For the faceprint, I got on amazon. One of the best types of face paint I’ve use. It is a powder makeup that is applied wet. It was easy to apply and didn’t smear or look patchy. The colour is the same as described when dry but when it’s applied wet, it comes off much darker. Overall I recommend this faceprint for the Grunkle Stan cosplay.

Stan Pines 8 ball cane

The 8 ball cane, I got on amazon. At first, I was going to just buy a cane and find some sort of way to get the 8 ball in the can but I actually managed to find an 8 ball can for sale. I have to say I was quite impressed with the quality of this product. I wasn’t expecting it to be great because they don’t great pictures of this product, the reviews are what convinced me to buy. The 8 ball has weight to it and not hollow. I defiantly recommend this for the Grunkle Stan cosplay

Dark red cotton ribbon 

Dark red cotton ribbon Grunkle Stan Cosplay Grunkle Stan Cosplay Dark red cotton ribbon

Dark red cotton ribbon

The tie he uses I had never seen before so I didn’t know what to look for so I decided to go with some ribbon and it turned out great. The ribbon was made from cotton, it matched the colour as advertised. If you do know what these ties are called give them a search on amazon.

Grunkle Stan red fish fez

The Grunkle Stan red fish fez, I managed to find on amazon. First, the most important aspect of this hat is that looks exactly like Grunkle Stan’s hat. The quality was good, better than I thought it would be considering the price. I would consider myself to have an average size head and it fitted perfectly and I’ve seen some reviewers who say they have a big head and they found no problems with size either. All in all, I happy very satisfied with why bought, A must for the Grunkle Stan cosplay.

Grunkle Stan’s oversized glasses 

For the Grunkle Stan cosplay oversized glasses, I got on amazon. First off this was a lot better than I was expecting, especially for the price. They are a well made thick pair of glasses. I’m quite small and these were huge on me. I was expecting a flimsy pair of glasses but that’s not what I got. Overall I am very happy, great for the Sam sparks costume.

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